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Presenting a Workshop at Mind Body Spirit

The goal of the Mind Body Spirit workshop programme is to offer the very best in teaching and life-changing experiences of healing, personal growth and transformation. 

Wherever they may be on their journey, we aim to offer participants something new, something fresh - another step on the path. 

The structure of Festival and the workshop schedule is designed to maximise attendees' exposure to as many life-enhancing and postive ideas and concepts as possible. 

The workshop programme offers an unparalleled opportunity for Festival attendees to learn from and experience a range top UK and international teachers and facilititors in a supportive environment, at affordable prices.

Would you like to lead a workshop at Mind Body Spirit?

Workshop leaders are selected by invitation.  We use a mixture of information submitted via our Presenter Application Form and our own research into all that is fascinating, empowering and uplifting in the world of mind body and spirit.

We are committed to hosting major names at our Show, and also researching, promoting and nurturing new talent.  We know you don't have to have a book deal to have an extraordinary message! 

At this time of radical and accelerated change, there is perhaps more wondeful work than ever being undertaken, and more approaches and possibilities for profound transformation available to us than ever before.  We want to bring the very best and brightest of this to our Festivals.  If you believe that's YOU, then tell us about it!

Application Hints

Please be aware that demand for workshop place as MBS is high, so please read the following thoroughly to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

  • A picture speaks a thousand words!  Your photograph need not necessarily be professional, but it should be a clear, in focus head and shoulders shot.
  • Coherent, inviting workshop descriptions are crucial to your application!  Please take the time to ensure these really reflect your best offering and give would-be participants and clear picture of the essence of your workshop.
  • Please complete all fields on the form.  If, for example, you have not authored a book, please state that alongside the question.
  • Please adhere to the advised word limits.
  • Think about what makes your work unique, and what you are passionate about.  Why do you think you are the best person to teach on your topic at our next Show?  Allow this information to colour your application!
  • Please be aware that MBS workshop leaders must each have a proven track record teaching and leading groups in their chosen field.  Our smallest group size is 50. We love hearing about your work and we are passionate about supporting new talent, but we are unlikely to choose you for the programme if you are very new to teaching and/or can only demonstrate experience of working with very small groups.  That said, we have no rigid guidelines, and we know you don’t have to be a published author or have an international schedule in order to have something wonderful to offer!
  • Give us as much detail as you can as regards your marketing strategies.  Of course we will do all we can to support you - helping get your name out there is what we most love to do!  At the same time, it’s essential that Presenters interact with MBS and take some measure of responsibility for their own promotion and ticket sales.  We need to know you have a willingness to do this, and relevant networks at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get paid to lead a workshop at Mind Body Spirit?
Yes!  We pay you, on a percentage of ticket sales basis.  You’ll receive full details about payment and other arrangements if your application is successful.

We do not pay travel expenses.  If you are considering coming form abroad to teach a wokrshop at MBS, please bear in mind that we do not cover travel or accommodation costs.

If I book a stand in the Exhibition Hall, can I teach a workshop?
Not necessarily – the two aspects of the Show are independent.  In order to ensure the relevance and quality for the workshop programme, workshops are selected by invitation only. If you are considering exhibiting, we’ll let you know about your application as soon as we can, so that you can make relevant arrangements and decide whether or not you want to exhibit at the Show.

How are Presenters selected?
Presenters are selected via a mix of applications, recommendations, research, and plain ol’ intuition!  There is no set formula, and the schedule is more of an art than a science.  Inspiring, coherent workshop descriptions are CRUCIAL to your application – of course it’s not just about YOU, but the work you are bringing.

I have applied in the past, and was unsuccessful.  Should I try again?
By all means.  Please complete the new application form and tell us how your work is developing.

What kind of topics are you looking for?
We like to cover as broad a remit as possible within the realm of mind body and spirit.  So essentially, anything goes.  That said, we are looking for grounded approaches that demonstrate integrity and a tangible benefit for workshop participants.  MBS workshops are interactive and provide a memorable experience, and tools attendees can take away. 

Do I have to be a published author to present a workshop?
No!  But as you would expect from Europe’s biggest MBS event, Presenters need to have some measure of profile and a significant track record in teaching within their chosen field.  You need to have a solid body of work behind you, and where relevant, training and qualifications. If you’re brand new to leading groups, or have only had experience working with very small numbers, MBS may not be the right choice for you this year.

I’ve filled in and submitted my application – what next?
We are booking our Brighton 2013 Festival between March and August 2013.  You can expect to hear form us at any point during that time.

If we think your work may be a good fit for the Show, we’ll want to talk further with you, ideally in person, or otherwise on the phone.

If it’s not a good fit this time around, we’ll send you an email to let you know.  Unfortunately we are not able to provide detailed reasoning for our decisions.

Please wait at least a month after submitting your application, to ensure it has been properly reviewed.  After that time, feel free to email for an update.  We do our best to reply to everyone, but do write to us if you haven’t heard within about 4 weeks.

If I am unsuccessful in my workshop application, are there other opportunities at the Festival?  For example, can I give a free talk?
We do not currently run a programme of talks.  Some types of work may be suitable for a 30 minute session on our Live Stage – if we think that might fit for you, we’ll be in touch having read your application.

There are a limited number of guided meditation sessions available at our Mantra Lounge, or equivalent.  These are by invitation only – again, we’ll be in touch if we can offer you something there.

How do I apply?

We highly recommend that you read the Hints and FAQS above.  Then complete and submit the online Presenter Application Form, and we'll be in touch!

PLEASE NOTE - our next London Show will be May 2014.  Workshop Applications are now closed for this show.

Applications for our May 2015 Festival will open in November 2014.

We look forward to hearing from you!