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The Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing experience would not be complete without immersing yourself in our vibrant Exhibitor Marketplace and indulging in some retail therapy. Here, you’ll discover independent organisations, companies and therapists with a wealth of experience, expertise, treatments and treats for you to sample, try and buy. Take in a massage, check out the colour of your aura, discover some cool music, experience an amazing floating bed, trip out on the Lucia 3, fuel up at the Inspiral Café, receive guidance from a reading or just stock up on some of the world’s finest books, vitamins, organic beauty products, yoga supplies, supplements, organic treats, handmade jewellery and crystals.

Stand No. Exhibitor Website
B7 28 DNA Activation & Shift Healing --
B4 Aduna www.aduna.com

Aduna is an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business. Our mission is to bring you the natural vitality of Africa’s ancient ingredients, while creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers.We identify Africa’s most nutritious natural products, sourced directly from rural smallholders, and we turn them into exciting, functional and delicious health foods. 

Our brand mission is to breathe the vibrancy of Africa into the daily lives of people all over the world, creating a virtuous circle of positive impact.

We have a range of Baobab, Moringa and newly-launched Super-Cacao products available:

Aduna Baobab

·        Baobab is the nutrient-rich raw superfruit of the ‘Tree of Life’ in Africa. It is the only fruit in the world that dries on the branch, producing a 100% natural superfood powder.

·        Baobab powder is a rich source of vitamin C (a single serving provides 33% of your daily vitamin C requirement), high in fibre (50%) and has more antioxidants than any other fruit. The benefits of baobab include energy release, immune function, digestive health and healthy, younger-looking skin.

·        Aduna Baobab is available in two formats: a pure powder ideal for mixing into breakfasts, smoothies, juices or shaking into your water bottle – and a raw energy bar with pineapple and almonds. Our Baobab Raw Energy Bar is a source of vitamin C and fibre, supporting energy release, immunity, healthy skin & digestion.

Aduna Moringa


·        Aduna Moringa Powder is made from the nutrient-rich superleaf of the Moringa Tree (aka ‘The Miracle Tree’), which has been used as a ‘cure-all’ in traditional African and Asian societies for centuries

·        One of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world, moringa powder is a rich source of protein & fibre, contains 6 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A, E and K, and is six times richer in antioxidants than goji berries.

·        Its exceptional nutritional profile supports a wide range of health and beauty benefits including: reduction of tiredness and fatigue; muscle growth; healthy skin; energy release; and immune function.

·        Aduna’s moringa range is 100% organic & available in a pure powder and as a delicious raw energy bar with mango and cashew.

Aduna Cacao

·        Aduna’s cacao range includes a high-flavanol, premium cacao powder called Aduna Super-Cacao and a cacao bar, made with cacao powder, crunchy cacao nibs, walnuts and hibiscus.

·        Aduna Super-Cacao is a unique blend of high-flavanol cacao powder made from specially selected high-flavanol beans and luxuriously rich Ghanaian cacao sourced from small-scale producers

·        Aduna Super-Cacao is different from other cacao powders on the market as it is the only cacao that is scientifically-proven to support your heart health, carrying an EFSA-approved heart health claim on the packaging.

F31 Amber and Art World --

Amber and Art World offers a variety of Art work infused with Amber stones and grains. So you get a beautifull piece for your wall and at the same time an energy balancing natural stone for your home.

F3 Andrea & Laura Miles Jewellery --
F2 Annabel Du Boulay --

Annabel Du Boulay is a Gnostic shamanic practitioner, Priestess of Sophia & Priestess of Avalon, and Ceremonialist for the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference. With a MSc degree specialising in Goddess mythology and Gnosticism, Annabel is author of the witch-burning novel The Serpent's Tale and creatrix of the Philosophia Wheel soul-development programme of online courses, workshops & retreats. A transpersonal therapist and soul healer, Annabel has worked therapeutically with individuals and groups since 2006, and as Founder & CEO of Belashka Ltd, leads her team in offering a combination of transpersonal, shamanic and equine therapies with her healing herd of horses. A mother of three children, two of whom were born with life-threatening syndromes & multiple disabilities, Annabel painted The Healing Womb art installation in 2012 for women to gather and share their stories of womb wounding. Ranked by Klout as an online expert in women's rights (top 0.5%) & paganism (top 1%), Annabel also blogs for the Huffington Post.


In 2014, Annabel opened her shop in Glastonbury, specialising in the ethical sale of authentic indigenous art, craft & shamanic tools, which she buys predominantly from the artisans she visits on her trips to the Pueblo Indian tribes of New Mexico. Come and meet Annabel on Stand F2 and browse her collection of smudge feathers & bundles, sacred herbs & resins, incense, abalone shells, herbal sprays & oils, organic balms & massage oils, dreamcatchers, pipes, tobacco pouches, medicine & blessing bags, totem animal stones & pendants, dream pillows, cushions & throws, bags & purses, rattles, drums & drumbags, jewellery, ceramics, Zuni fetishes, Kachina dolls, books, medicine cards, greetings cards & CDs.


For further information on Annabel's Philosophia Wheel soul-development online programme and to sign up to her blog, please visit her website www.annabelduboulay.com.

LF2 Anonymous Love Letters #sharethelove --

The concept is simple, you write an anonymous love letter to another human sharing whatever it is you want to tell them. This could be a few lines of encouragement or a longer letter sharing your message from your heart. You start your message To you… and sign it I Love you or You are Loved…or whatever loving sign off you like…. The bit in between is up to you!

On the envelope you write… this is for you, open me…or you can be creative and write something else fun that will encourage a stranger to pick it up…then go leave it out in the world for someone to find. 

F22 Ashok Foundation --
AI Aura Images --
C16 Bag of Promises --
B11 Beauty Gate --
C26 Beyond Timelight by Jacqueline Ellery --

Beyond Timelight is a modern day story that can be interpreted on 2 levels. A supernatural tale or an awareness of the hidden influences upon our lives.

The story is channelled and inspired by Spirit with much spiritual truth entwined within its narrative that will answer many questions.   

C21 Blue Beyond Books --

Spiritual, inspirational and self-improvement books, with special focus on writings of Sri Chinmoy.

F9 Brett Jones - Spiritual Teacher --
C5 Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre --
E30 Camden Tea Shop --

Using timeless flavours with a modern tone, the aim of Camden Tea Shop is to provide tasty, high quality teas and infusions at a reasonable price! We travel the world to bring you vibrant cultures and tasteful experiences.

D25 Casada --
B6 Cat's Protection --

Cats Protection is the UK's leading feline welfare charity. Sponsorship provides a lifeline for abandoned and unwanted cats. A simple way to show you care. 

C36 Champissage, Facelift Massage, KV Foot Massage --
B2 Che Events --
A24 ChiBall --
E10 College of Naturopathic Medicine --

Train with the highly regarded College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) for a career in Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine or CNM Natural Chef. We also offer Short Courses in therapies ranging from Herbs/Nutrition/Homeopathy for Everyday Living, to Indian Head Massage, Kinesiology and personal care such as Skincare, Cooking for Health and Detoxification.  Courses available depend on location.  CNM has colleges across the UK and in Ireland.

B33 Colour Flow Active Wear --

Colour Flow is a fitness clothing brand inspired by COLOURS.
The beautiful bespoke prints will not fade quickly, but last longer than any product on the market. They are a comfortable, durable and versatile sports wear that you can wear at any sporting activity or for a night out.Made in Brazil using the best Brazilian Supplex Lycra.

F7 Colour Personality Analysis --
E33 Conscious Chocolate --
B13 Cosmoetica --

Cosmoetica cosmetics are produced with best natural ingredients, all of them of organic agriculture, following as much as possible the cycles of the biodynamic calendar, adding the human knowledge of the etheric formative forces as a new valuable enriching the healing properties of the plants used. In this way we succeed in keeping alive and with plenty of vitality the creams and lotions.

We work with care and with strict quality control. The aim is to keep the highest vitality of the herbs used for this reason we produce according to the byodinamic calendar as much as possible according to the part of the plant we want to potentiate. Going from chaos to reordering in a rhythmical way the vitality of the product is assured. Plants traditionally known for their healing virtues are especially receptive to feed-back about their own increased effects. By incorporating this process to production with morphic resonance techniques the morphic field created amplifies the beneficial effect.


CCP Crystal Clear Psychics --
G12 Crystal Singing Bowls --
LF3 Dance Walk London --
B17 Dekhomai --
B22 Destiny Jones --
B27 Discover The Work You Were Born To Do --
E19 Dogs Trust --
F30 DOTERRA - Essential Oils --
F25 Eastern Adornment --
C9 ENAGI - good vibes wherever you go --
E35 Endoca --
B1 Energetic Formulations --
B18 Energy Healing - Gnanasumana --

Natural Universal Energy Healing Transmitted through the palms. The receiver can experience a chakra balancing and a positive feeling after the session. If anyone has specific ailment like back problem the energy will be focused on this area. The healing is also recommended to anyone suffering from depression. The Buddhist priest transmitting the energy has practiced meditation for over 45 years and energy healing was a natural gift while meditating. He has cured thousands over the years suffering from different ailments using Universal Energy. 

E17 energyDOTS --

energyDOTS mission is energy excellence. energyDOTS offer personal energy and EMF protection. energyDOTS are innovators and are passionate about creating and maintaining energetic integrity for the human energy field. We live with increasingly high levels of energy intererence from daily exposure to technology. We continue to bring energyDOTS to a worldwide audience for the following reason: to create and maintain energetic integrity, this in turn supports our physical wellbeing. We continue to improve lives one dot at a time. http://www.energydots.co.uk

E42 Enrich Life --
C17 Equinox Astrology --
D45 Fiona Radman - Inner Heart --
A18 Forever Living Products --
D56 Freedom from Suffering I Self Love I Qi Gong --
E8 Gecko Spiritus --
C31 Gem Enchantment --
F33 Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity --
A6 Green Tea Artisan --
E20 Greenpeace --
B19 Happy Dragon Arts --
A15 Happy Glastonbury --
D8 Hay House --
A16 Healing Interpretation & Mineral Analysis of Hands --
F32 Holistic Healing 4 Children --
D74 inSpiral --

inSpiral is again looking foward to providing sound nutrition for the hungry seekers. We serve up vegan, optimum nutrition and raw cuisine - both hot and cold. Our trademark are our healthy salad boxes with awesome main courses like raw wraps, ayurvedic curry or gluten free burgers. We also tempt you with guilt free deserts and wholesome smoothies - not to forget our famous range of kale chips and other awesome snacks! 

C32 International College of Oriental Medicine --

ICOM is the longest established Acupuncture training college in the UK.  We run a renowned BSc Hons degree in Acupuncture offering flexible study patterns including part time and weekend options.  We are a small friendly college with small class sizes, and a great deal of personal attention paid to the student experience.  We have been commended by our professional body and our university partner for the depth and quality of our teaching and clinic experience.  Our degree is validated by the University of Greenwich, inspected by the Quality Assurance Agency and fully professionally accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. We also serve our local community in our very busy onsite student training clinic. In addition our clinic offers a range of appointments at different prices for Acupuncture Treatments, Massage or Facial Enhancement Acupuncture with experienced senior therapists. Please come and see us and visit us at www.orientalmed.ac.uk

D13 iRaw - Healthy Habits --
C22 Jenny Ford --

Spiritually guided books by author Jenny Ford. Unique Cards For Guidance - channelled inspirational messages for Daily Guidance by Jenny Ford, designed and created by artist Caroline Evans, plus Caroline's Fairy and Wildlife prints and cards. Enlightening Unicorn Healing by Felicia Banks to raise your vibrations and awarness.

C14 Jung Shim --
D6 Jung Shim --
C27 Jyorei - Japanese Spiritual Healing --
D9 Kinetic --
A13 King Yoga --

Realize your inner potential so that you can give the light to others. It is a path of service, not of development for development's sake, but develop to serve. Become more enlightened so that you can enlighten others more. This is the path of King Yoga. www.aetherius.org/king-yoga

D10 Kirlian Photography - Aquavibe --
B24 Krithi's Spiritual Paintings & Reiki Art --
G9 Leslie Fonteyne --
C20 Life Allignment --
B8 Light & Field Therapy --

Light & Field Therapy.

Field mapping is a revealer of the state of your awareness and where the trauma lies in your mind, body and spirit. It gives an instant image of how to reach your highest potential. Light expands this awareness and enriches the entire spectrum of human endeavor to enhance our living experience. Light increases cognitive performance and focus, emotional wellbeing, the healing of trauma and a return to health and happiness.


A25 Litios Light Crystals --
A20 Love Talk --
E26 Lumina Jewellery --
G6 Magic Clips --
B36 Magickal Intentions --

Handmade jewellery using specially selected crystals, items to enhance your spiritual intentions, aura sprays, crystal grids, incense oil burners, light catchers and other angelic and magically associated decorative pieces. 

A22 Magnetix Wellness --
B41 Maitreya the World Teacher --
A19 Make-Believe Mirror Stickers Company --
C24 Mas Sajady - Be Limitless --
E6 Modern Mystery School --
B12 Music Essences & Electrostress Solutions --
D22 Nativo Amusay --
A32 Natural By Nature Oils --

Natural by Nature Oils has been manufacturing and suppling pure and organic essential oils for over 40 years. We are also experts in blending and have an extensive range of blended massage oils and body oils and a range of vapourising oils which can be used in oil burners, diffusers and vapourisers.All our products are free from harmful chemicals and none of our products are tested on animals.

E25 Neal's Yard Remedies --
D68 New World Creations --
E37 Noble Manhattan Coaching --
A1 ONITANI Seelen-Musik (Switzerland) --

ONITANI Music For The Soul

Our music happens in a sphere where everything is allowed and will manifest it self as sounds. The sounds reminds you of your healing, your liberation, your resolving (and many more things). The soul ascends into your consciousness to spread the magic of healing and to enfold it soothingly.


C13 Parag's Reiki Hut --
G8 Paul Williamson Past Life Regression --
F6 Paula-Rose Handmade Crystal Energy Jewellery www.paula-rose.co.uk

Unique & beautiful handmade ‘Crystal Energy Jewellery’ by Paula, Master Teacher in Crystal Healing & Reiki.  Paula hand selects all her crystals, then lovingly transforms them into jewellery, infusing each piece with Reiki energy at Master level for your highest good. Wearing crystals is a beautiful way to experience their ‘magical’ healing energy … it's jewellery designed to make you feel good.  WEBSITE: www.paula-rose.co.uk

E7 Professional Deep Tissue Massager --
G50 Pure Incense --
A21 R.A.H.A.B. --
C25 Red Kite Flutes --
E11 Reeya Avani Personal Healer --

Reeya Avani - A Personal Healer based in Mayfair, central London who provodes Holistic Therpaies, Reiki and Crystal Healing to those battling with: emotional, mental, physcial and stress related conditions. 


A2 Regenerative Health - Live Blood Analysis --
D44 Rejuva Nutrition --
E9 Relax Kids --
A30 Relaxarium Spa Shower Head Bio No Soap Required --


A4 Rosen Method Bodywork --

Rosen Method Bodywork is an original form of somatic approach which addresses physical tension. Its unique form of sensitive touch & verbal communication helps people to become aware of what they are holding - physically & emotionally - in their body. When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in a space of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress & pain. Rosen Method helps individuals to soften the barriers in their life so that they can live more fully, & the natural feelings of "embodied being" can become a source of joy.  

Come and meet us at stand A4, where we can tell you more. We are also offering 15 minute taster sessions, if you would like to experience our unique form of touch. For more information, visit our website www.rosenmethod.co.uk

F34 RSPB --

The RSPB is the country’s largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life once again

E13 Salty Lamps --
D26 Santosa Yoga & Meditation --
F14 Savon Stories --
B32 Shimmering Light --

We will be offering quick energy boosts. You will have a choice of Reiki or Crystal healing. Each session would last upto 20 minutes. Feel the universal energy flow through you. Open and cleanse your chakras and cleanse your aura. You will also be able to buy crystals, and receive advice on crystals which could help you or others. Also, receive intuitive guideance - to help with your healing, journey and those around you.

B26 ShivShakti Healing & Consultancy --

We offer readings and healings to aid you on your spiritual journey.  Further your journey and transform your life with our "Awaken ~ The Divine You" Program which is Non-Religious and Universal Certification program.  Details on awakenthedivineyou.com

B39 Side-By-Side --
E15 Silver Health Limited --
C12 Soaring Star Trading --
F1 Sole Mates --
G1 Soothe --
D24 Soul Gate --
B21 Soul Healing Miracles --
E27 Soul Medicine --
G21 Spirit Visions --
B31b Spiritual Anatomy by Cocoro College --
B14 Spiritual Planet --
D20 Spiritual S.O.S. --
F10 Stable House --
B25 Star Magic --
E16 Stephanie J King - Soulpreneur ™ --
F4 Stephen Shaw - Spiritual Teacher & Author of Mystical Books --

Stephen Shaw - Spiritual Teacher & Author of Mystical Books

Website: www.i-am-stephen-shaw.com

A7 StoneAge --
B38 Summit Lighthouse UK --
E1 Temple Spirit --
C30 Terapia --
B23 The Buddha Cove --

A range of beautiful Buddha Statues and Copper produtcts. To create a peaceful and serene atmosphere for your home and your wellbeing.

E24 The Coconut Collaborative --

Behold! We are The Coconut Collaborative! We specialise in making delicious yogurts and desserts from coconut milk.

Our coconut milk yogurts are made from coconut milk and coconut water, and are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free, plus vegan to boot. Our range of dairy free desserts are a little more indulgent, and are the perfect thing to satisfy that sweet tooth. 

Come and pay us a visit for a chance to try our dairy free delights and enjoy a special show deal with a range of our products all for just £5.

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @coconutcollab

Free from dairy, but not temptation...


B15 The College of Pyschic Studies --
A26 The Colour Ministry --
G40 The Confederation of Healing Organisations --
B20 The Crystal Matrix --
E40 The Frankincense Store --
E37 The Henna Den --
G50 The Hypnotherapy Training Company --

HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company are a London based training provider, offering some of the most up-to-date, highly practical and practitioner-focussed hypnotherapy training available in the UK today. Their flagship NGH practitioner course is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR/GHSC) the BIH and the FHT, and is the perfect choice for anyone looking to become a professional hypnotherapist. Whether you’re a complete beginner, already a complimentary therapist or you’re looking for the best hypnotherapy training solution, HypnoTC is the perfect choice.

Hypnotherapy training books and DVDs will be available to buy at the HypnoTC stand.

Visit www.HypnoTC.com for information about hypnotherapy training.”

B16 The Jesus Experience --

Sit down, relax and let us pray for you. We also offer free literature to refresh your heart.

C28 The Mineral Warehouse --
D16 The Third Testament --
B40 The Violet Flame --
G22 Tim Wheater --
E12 TraceyAsh --
A3 Tranquil Retreats & The Lucid Light Expereince --
C11 Transference Healing --

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive & advanced. It works with frequency, light & matter (elements) to initiate and support 'transference'; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

C19 Transformed by Light --
C33 Turn On Britain --
D41 Valentte London --

Aromatherapy products fragranced with pure organic essential oils

D7 Vita-Mix --
E43 Well Being Essences --
B10 Wishes - Holistic Centre --
D40 Woodland Trust --
B2 www.che.events www.che.events
E3 Yoga Masti --
D70 Yogi Tea --
E22 Young Living - Team Enjoy --
B9 Your Ecstatic Health --
C29 Zee's Blooming Trees & Art --
B28 ZYTO Biocommunication --