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About our Astrologer

Zoe was introduced to Astrology by her mother at the age of 8 and has continued to learn and love this profound system ever since. It soon became a way of life.

Embracing the cultural beliefs and practices of druid ancestors, and combining this knowledge with a healthy interest in other ancient cultures along with the latest scientific theories, she brings the past and the future together to make sense of the present. 

Perspective, empowerment and releasing potential is the result.

Zoe provides advice to private clients and consultancy to companies worldwide.

She teaches regular classes, organizes events, runs workshops and writes articles for TV and magazines.

For more information or to get a personal reading please contact Zoe:

Free Monthly Horoscope from Zoe Hind of Soul Astrology

March Horoscope

The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Aries from 20 March to 20 April.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. The symbol for which is the Ram's horns.

This is the Fire that starts a new cycle – the equivalent of sunrise on a yearly scale.

At this time of year the rivers swell and the sap rises in the trees, species mate under the Equinox Full Moon and the planet throbs with life's pulsing energy.

Headstrong and raring to go, impulsive, dynamic and willful are all attributes of this sign.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars whose sigil is a circle and an arrow. This can be seen as the shield and spear of the warrior. Esoterically it is where we take our solar life force energy and direct it.


Mars, the graceful warrior, can fight battles of aggression and frustration, or rise up and conquer the lower ego and turn their passion to greater things.


With Mars retrograde all month, our inner divine spark can be tended. It will be better to enjoy what we are doing right now as well as our state of being rather than to push forwards externally.


Aries rules the head so we must manage our energy well during this month to avoid rash decisions, headaches and burn out. With Uranus transiting through Aries for the next few years, the neural pathways are firing in new directions bringing insight and flashes of rebellious brilliance.


April Horoscopes...



Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Here we go again on a new zodiac spiral, younger and wiser. The New Moon in 30 March triggers your creativity. Mars still retrograde asks you to light your own fire within.


There is a New Moon in your sign at the end of the month, but until then, wrapping up projects and tying up loose ends will create room for fresh starts. Leave some space mid month as change is in the air.



Its all go. Energy ramps up to a huge full moon mid month where Mercury and Uranus take on Mars. Love, Power, Will and Self knowledge will all feature large as the eclipse reveals what has been hiding under the surface.



It's eclipse season again. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon this can effect you quite strongly. Balance is required – heart and head, inner and outer, masculine and feminine energies, logic and intuition...


Your Sun rises and your light begins to grow. Not all Leos are confident, many are here to learn about confidence. As the Sun gains strength visualize your radiance getting brighter



Energy management. Take a look at how you spend your vital life force energy on an hour by hour and day by day basis. Gentle refinement of processes and the compulsions behind them can clear the way to a more harmonious way of life.


The Full Moon in Libra on 15 April sees a host of powerful planets all at odds with each other. Time to tune into your peaceful diplomatic side. Venus in Pisces can guide you intuitively where reason seems to be failing.


Intense – just how you like it! The Full Moon eclipse on 15 April brings many planets together to resolve some major issues. Everyone is involved. Up to you whether you want to act or observe.




Alchemical fusion is possible if you can see both polar opposites and blend them together. The tension mounts mid month to continue the story that began last summer. Work your magik!


There may be a change of direction in the middle of the month as the Full Moon has much to say. This said, its a month of 2 halves. Try to finish off and release early on, no real decision can be made until after this Lunar eclipse has delivered its message




Changes on a global level stream thick and fast. Holding the vision for a completely different, fair and innovative world is part of what you came here to do. Dream big and radiate loving presence.



Venus and Neptune meet in your sign on 12 April just before the big Full Moon eclipse. Gentle, feminine and healing...bottle this essence to nourish you through the month.

To find out how the planets are aligned for you personally, please contact Zoe for a 1:1 reading: