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About our Astrologer

Zoe was introduced to Astrology by her mother at the age of 8 and has continued to learn and love this profound system ever since. It soon became a way of life.

Embracing the cultural beliefs and practices of druid ancestors, and combining this knowledge with a healthy interest in other ancient cultures along with the latest scientific theories, she brings the past and the future together to make sense of the present. 

Perspective, empowerment and releasing potential is the result.

Zoe provides advice to private clients and consultancy to companies worldwide.

She teaches regular classes, organizes events, runs workshops and writes articles for TV and magazines.

For more information or to get a personal reading please contact Zoe:

Free Monthly Horoscope from Zoe Hind of Soul Astrology

May Horoscope

The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Taurus from 20 Aprilto 20 May.

The Sun passes through the Zodiac sign of Taurus from 20 April – 20 May.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. The symbol for which is the Bull.

The Bull speaks of strength and fertility. If we add the nurturing and nourishing Cow into the equation we can see more holistically where the masculine and feminine side of this sign come into balance.


The Milky Way flows in between Taurus and Gemini and this is named for the Celtic White Cow Boanne and her life giving milk.


Taurus is the Spring Earth sign and as such is nourishing, blossoming with new life, nature loving and beautiful.


Here Venus, the ruling planet expresses herself through the element of Earth. Our love of harmony, beauty, food, music and nature all bloom in Taurus.


Venus, has a sacred harmonic geometry with the Earth both in the planet size and their respective orbits around the Sun. This is why Venus ruled signs (Taurus and Libra) are both known for their musical and artistic coherence.


The slow moving nature of Taurus knows how to enjoy life now. Presence.






After a hectic birthday month you may be ready for some peace and quiet. Allow yourself time to slow down and appreciate the Taurean beauty that surrounds you. The pace quickens next month so now is the perfect time to reflect upon all that the Grand Cross and Eclipses brought to the surface.



Happy Birthday! Or rather, Many Happy Solar Returns. When the Sun returns to where it was in the Zodiac when we were born we light a candle on a round cake symbolising the Sun and celebrate our rebirth. The Full Moon in Scorpio – your opposite sign – on 14 May takes you deep into your connection with others and your higher/inner Self.



The month ends with a New Moon in your sign on 28 May. Before then, this is your annual opportunity to go deep and release anything that you do not want to take forwards into your next cycle. Connect through the heart to align with your core values.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on 14 May asks you to redefine Love. Fear, Hurt, Pain and Control all give way to Freedom and Space when 2 souls dance honouring each other's unique expression. Happiness flows.


Recent oppositions between home and your outer world may have been frustrating or revealing depending on your perspective. The energy we hold in our heart is what will now manifest in the world. Say goodbye to trying and pursuing; hello to effortless soulful creation.



The mind is the servant, not the master. Give it a job to do and it will be happy. This leaves room for the heart and soul to step in and take charge. Mastery.


But above all, to thine own self be true. This is a month of connecting with core values and building self esteem. You are wonderful. Do you know that? Love yourself first and others will follow.



The Full Moon in your sign on 14 May is a major event every year. We all feel its power but you live it at a cellular level. Connect with your shadow side and perform pure alchemy.




Words have power but communication has gone beyond verbal now. The essence of the message is felt and comprehended on an etheric level. Tone of voice is a vibration. Speak between the lines.


Did you know that as a Capricorn you become more like and Aquarius as you get older? Engage with your rebellious side to activate your inner visionary.




Imagine your light transmissions can be seen from space; the impact of your energy vibration shooting bright coloured plumes and elevating the collective consciousness. Too far out? Nothing is too cosmic for the Aquarius Soul. Create through dimensions.



Mind expanding energies flood in at the Scorpio Full Moon on 14 May. Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul coherently aligned bring complete transformation. All you have to do is show up and be willing to engage openly.

To find out how the planets are aligned for you personally, please contact Zoe for a 1:1 reading: