Ceremony Space

Ceremony Space

Back by popular demand and now in its second year, this awesome space will be hosted by Kwali Kumara and will focus on intimate ceremony based experiences.

Friday 2 Nov

10:45 Chloe Cousins

Crystal Merkaba Grid Ceremony | Divine Feminine & Third Eye Activation

Join Chloe on an interdimensional journey to an ancient goddess site to receive light codes & activations to support the opening of your psyche & third eye for Spiritual Empowerment.
12:00 Thomas Bjorge

Mystical Momentum Ceremony

Become and attract what you want, while remaining true to yourself. 

13:15 Vanya Silverten

Theta Healing Abundance Ceremony

This ceremony focuses on releasing your limited beliefs so that you can raise your mindset to abundance and manifest a life you'll love.
14:30 Kwali Kumara

Soul Soother

Kundalini mantra and meditation ceremony to invoke vibrations of love and ecstasy followed by the sacred sound vibrations from the Venus and symphonic gongs.
15:45 Sandra Campin

Leveraging Your Light

Learn to leverage your unique gifts into a career journey that allows you to come into your power and stand in your own light.
17:00 Grenville Williams

All Love Sekhem

This dynamic and experiential ceremony is where the Sekhem Heart Initiation happens spontaneously and touches all levels of your being, bringing an awakening to the spiritual heart and a deep integration of our source soul body to our physical body. During the ceremony you will experience a strong body and cellular vibration, intense emotional release and mental clarification.

Saturday 3 Nov

10:45 Siri Sadhana

Welcoming Soul Home Ceremony

Welcoming Soul Home with Siri Sadhana Kaur through soulful and playful celebration, ritual and song, we will weave and honor simple ceremony, connecting to our deepest essence.

11:45 Lidija M Rosati

Manifesting and the Art of Hustling Gently

Get practical tools and become a manifestation maven. Learn the art of hustling gently and start living the life you deserve!

13:00 Tim Wheater

Sacred Sonic Ceremony

Join Tim Wheater "The Sonic Love Commando" as he guides you through realms of warm, delicious, intoxicating layers of sound and into your own personal Nirvana.

14:15 Kwali Kumara

Releasing the Elements

Unleash the power of the five elements to invoke change with this transformational ceremony of kundalini yoga, meditation and mantra.
15:30 Shakti Sundari

Goddess Embodiment Ceremony (women only)

Invoke, embody and honour the Goddess in a sacred circle of women. Be touched by Her gifts and wisdom.
17:00 Nici Phoenix

Open your Heart - an Energetic Crystalline Ceremony

Siddha Kundalini Ceremony, designed to open your heart-centre to release the fear of falling in love with yourself and others.

Sunday 4 Nov

10:45 Nici Malamoglou

Awakening your Kundalini - an enlightening Crystal Light Ceremony

This ceremony will transport you into the realm of the crystal kingdom and beyond, activating all your energy centres.
12:00 Dirish Shaktidas

Shake Dance Ceremony

We will use our bodies to dance and detox any heaviness we have been carrying so that we can experience the true light nature of our souls! Open to all
13:15 Pixi Pete

Manifestation and cacao ceremony

Connect with the spirit of cacao, open your heart and connection to your inner self. Set an intention for your future and use Dance to manifest it in your life.

14:30 Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Ancestral Healing Ceremony

Through the power of the drum reclaim your past lives and heal fragmented time lines.

15:45 Kwali Kumara

Building Strength and Stamina

Strengthen your nervous system and fuel yourself with fresh prana. Experience your personal power with kundalini yoga and gong relaxation.