Ceremony Space

Ceremony Space

Back by popular demand and now in its second year, this awesome space will be hosted by Kwali Kumara and Pashet and will focus on intimate ceremony based experiences.

Friday 3 Nov

10:45 Kwali Kumara

Heart Healer

Kundalini mantra and heart meditation for healing & purification followed by the sacred sound vibrations of the Venus and symphonic gongs.

12:00 Lidija Markovic Rosati

Gaining While Losing - The Gentle Art of Transformation

The philosophy behind my work is simple - Return to the Source, Honour your Soul and Manifest with Effortless Ease. Become a badass co-creator, learn to stay Sourced and connected, empowered and inspired while cultivating the magical art of hustling gently.

13:15 Vaz Shriharan

Sacred Journeys

Awaken your Inner Love, Power, Guidance through a powerful channelled Energy Healing Transmission. Have a direct experience with your Divine I AM Presence (Soul) for Spiritual Connection & Awakening.

14:30 Belinda Plant

Seven Jewels of Life

A beautiful guide  towards inner confidence and empowerment, using different precious jewels  to target and improve areas of your daily life, in order to reach your own unique destiny.

15:45 Pashet

Intuitive Art Activation

Intuitive art activation

Enhance your intuition with a meditative art session,
diving into your core to draw out the patterns of encoded sensation. 

17:00 Sandra Campin

Soul Journeying

Magic happens when we acknowledge the unique talents that we each carry within. Join Sandra and explore your career path through soul journey meditation. 

Saturday 4 Nov

10:30 Siri Sadhana Kaur

Welcoming Soul home

Connect to your deepest essence by weaving ritual and song in ceremony to honour spirit in a soulful celebration

11:45 Risha Joshi

Get Conscious

Get Conscious is all about waking up to your Personal Power, Magnificence and Divine Connection

13:00 Dirish

Shakti Dance - The Yoga of Dance

An exhilarating Yoga & Dance experience that enhances coordination, increases dynamic flow of energy, awakens your creative spirit! With moving Meditations to reduces stress, developing inner peace & harmony.

14:15 Kwali Kumara

Healing Hands

Increase the kindness and effectiveness of your healing touch with a kundalini meditation sequence integrated with a purifying gong relaxation.

15:30 Maya Dattani

Elevate Your True Potential

You will be using breath, mantras, and meditation to bust through your energetic blocks to elevate your true potential.

16:45 Flavia Kate- Peters

Fairy Elemental Magic

Join Flavia for some Fairy Magic ...Discover how to work with faeries in conjunction with the elements and zodiac through magical altar work, spells and invocation.


Sunday 5 Nov

10:30 Kwali Kumara

Becoming Like Angels

Kundalini meditation set for health and inner energy to live from your angelic nature, followed by a healing gong relaxation.

11:45 Barbara Meiklejohn Free

Ancestral Healing

Join Barbara for an authenitc powerful healing ceremony...........Most of us keep ‘busy’ to avoid pain, loss or disconnection that is deep-seeded. In this workshop we tackle the increasing phenomenon of ‘original wounding’

13:00 Sarah Bladen

Tantric Healing Meditation

Moving from dynamic movement to cosmic breathing and yoga nidra, let's connect to our true essence and Unity Consciousness.

14:15 Goddessence

Art Of Being

Kwali & Pashet take you on a sound healing journey inspired by the elements. A relaxing sensory experience to soothe mind, body & soul.

15:30 Cherub Sanson

Sonic Heart Meditation

Join Cherub & take your heart on an awakening journey of love, gratitude & sonic blessing...relax, receive, revive!