Mantra Lounge at the London Wellbeing Festival

Mantra Lounge

The Mantra Lounge - Hosted by Anne Malone, the Mantra Lounge offers a sanctuary of peace and calm. Meditation sessions and immersive sound experiences are hosted by top names in the field. Sessions are free.

Friday 3 November

10:45 Chrissy White

The Seven Secrets of Natural Rejuvenation

Discover how to make high vibrational living simple, smooth and easy. The secrets of true longevity are held within you.

12:00 Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Spirit of the Drum. Shamanic sound healing and meditation to clear past tramas

Journeying deep into shamanic consciousness to discover fragmented parts from previous lifetimes and this life time to heal and revitalise mind body spirit and soul.

13:15 Anne Malone

SoundBath and Mantra Magic

Relax and bathe in the healing sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Bowls, Hang, Shamanic Drum and Rainstick as Anne takes you deeper into your Heart Song

14:30 Melvyn Carlile

Affairs of the Heart

Heartspace: Creating a Safe Place for Love. Using Poetry and Chant we will explore the path to self love and self respect.

15:45 Anne Malone

Oasis of Sound .. afternoon Chakra Meditation

Bathe in the healing vibrations of Hang, Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum and dive deeply into the cleansing Chakra Meditation ... PureBlissVibes

16:45 Skylar Acamesis

Soulmate Shadow Work

Join Sky for a deep inquiry into love. Clear Karma, Lifetimes, Ancestral Blocks, and Negative Energy effortlessly from your relationships.

Saturday 4 November

10:45 Mel Carlile

Get Outta Your Head with Chant

Join Mel and Friends and get totally out of your heads with the power or chant

12:00 Denisa Nenova

The Power of Pranayama

Pranayama (breath control) is a fundamental part of Yoga. Join Denisa to find how different yogic ways of breathing can promote a healthier, more energetic and more balanced you.

13:15 Anne Malone

SoundBath and Mantra Magic

Bathe and relax deeply into the healing vibrations and sweet sounds of Singing Bowls, Hang, Shamanic Drum and Sensual, gently merging into Mantra Songs

14:30 Dawn John

Quantum Meditation, journey into inner stillness and harmony.

Free yourself from the constraints of mental processing and experience absolute stillness. By achieving this level of internal balance and harmony you move beyond the limitations of space and time, expand your 'moment' and connect with limitless potential - the creative principle. This is the key to manifestation and abundance.

15:45 Adi Guru Das

Learn the Gift of Mantra

Join Adi Guru and learn the ancient art of Mantra Meditation

17:00 Anne Malone

Mantra Magic

Bathe in the deeply relaxing music and words of ancient Mantras ... the perfect end to your Festival day

Sunday 5 November

10:45 Anne Malone

Oasis of Sound .. early morning SoundBath

Early Morning Sound Bath with Anne ... bathe in the healing vibrations of Singing Bowls, Drums and Rainstick as Anne soothes you into your day ...

12:00 Alexandra Gabriel

Music to touch the heart, still the mind and heal the soul

Take a moment to turn inwards amongst the bustle of the Festival. Rejuvenate, regroup and relax with the sounds of the Angelic choirs

13:15 Chrissy White

Release Your Inner Radiance

A powerful Shamanic Meditation to activate your body's innate desire for vibrant health and wellbeing. Discover how to rejuvenate naturally.

14:30 Tim Wheater

Sonic Sound Mantras

Join the Master of Mantra for an experience that will take you totally out of your body and into the healing zone

15:45 Skylar Acamesis

The Basics of a Course In Miracles

A deep inquiry in to the practice and implementation of love, through the principles of A Course In Miracles.