Nourish brings together inspiring teachers, leading experts and foodies. What are the benefits of a nutritional diet to the mind, body and spirit? Come and find out!

Learn about the importance of provenance and the easy changes that can make a huge difference to your life and health. This new free space will not only raise your awareness of important food decisions, but it will also de-myth some of those common and misunderstood fads!

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Friday 2 November

10:30 Vegan Society

10 reasons why plant foods are great for your health

This session will help you understand how plant foods can benefit our health and the nutritional potential of vegan diets.

12:00 Simone Venner

Gut Healthy Now - Fermented Foods

Did you know that a person's stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression? Join Simone Venner, R.H.N from MsHolistic as she touches on foods that can support our overall well-being and happiness.

13:30 Kami Szewczyk

Raw Chocolate Making Workshop

My workshop focuses on learning how to simply make naturally delicious raw chocolate using simple ingredients.
15:00 Magda Wieczorek

Transitioning to veganism

Author of Easy Way to Go Vegan expands on all topics vegan related and answers all questions you may have about this lifestyle.

Saturday 3 November

10:30 Jack Sidney

LEON: good food that's good for you.

Delicious, gut-friendly recipes that both taste good and do you good.

12:00 Clean Supper Club

Healthy Twists

At Healthy Twists, we like to put a healthier twist on everyday food. Let us show you how with some simple ingredient switches.


13:30 Naomi Devlin

Simple ferments for a happy gut!

River Cottage tutor Naomi Devlin shows you how to make some simple, gut friendly ferments to supercharge your digestion and bring colour to winter meals.
15:00 Tanya Maher

Tanya's Deli

Tanya is the author of Hay House's 'The Uncook Book' and co-founder of 'Tanya's Deli' in Chelsea, London. She is best known for her award-winning plant-based desserts. She will be teaching you tips on how to sneak raw vegetables into your desserts and demonstrate the making of her famous Red Velvet & Cashew Frosting Cake. 

Sunday 4 November

10:30 Vegan Society

Vegan 101

Everything you need to know about veganism, including tips and advice to get you started on your vegan journey.

12:00 Matt Whitmore

The Paleo Primer: A Second Helping

How our balanced approach to Paleo principles can help you increase energy, look better and live the healthy life you deserve.

13:30 Patricia

Academy of Healing Nutrition Workshop: Cooking with the Five Elements

Learn practical and simple tricks to incorporate powerful healing techniques into your food via this cooking demo of a salad inspired by the five tastes and elements of Chinese Medicine.
15:00 Roger Green

Academy of Healing Nutrition Workshop: Longevity Diet & Food as Medicine