Wellbeing Studio

Wellbeing Studio

Also included among this year’s FREE special features is the dedicated Yoga and Wellbeing Studio. With classes and taster sessions hosted by some of the UK’s best loved Yoga and Wellbeing teachers.
Other classes in the Studio include dance, meditation, life coaching and movement.

Friday 2 November

10:45 Renaissance Pan

Finding the right meditation for you

Join Pan in the well-being studio to discover how different meditations can impact our life and which mediation would best suit our unique self. The world has over 7 billion people living on it today, and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to meditation. We will explore meditation using our taste buds, laughter, and sacred sound.

11:45 Neals Yard Remedies

Mindfulness with Frankincense

Daily rituals offer stillness & peace from within by connecting body, mind & spirit.Come & join us while we create moments of mindfulness, sharing de-stressing tips, techniques & a Mindful Facial for one of you, using Frankincense infused products 

12:45 Yogi Ashokananda

Intro to Hatha Yoga

Join Yogi and Team for a short intro to Himalayan Yoga.

13:45 Hema Neer

Chanting & Yoga for Vibes

Enjoy emotional freedom and wellbeing with the Power of Sound and non-bendy Kundalini yoga. Leave invigorated, relaxed and loved up. Everyone can do this!

14:45 Kula Roots

4 Elements Movement Workshop

Connecting to our truth and inner power through a blend of yoga, dance, voice work and meditation
15:45 Nevsah Karamehmet

Discover The Miracle

An introduction to a breath coaching system. Learn how breathing habits effect our lives with a demo session

17:00 Karen Mills-Alston

Visioning For A Life Worth Living

Learn to catch the eternal broadcast that is always wanting to express itself through you to purposefully and actively live the life you came to live for your individual and the collective good of the planet. Karen is a master teacher of Agape's Michael Bernard Beckwith and his Life Visioning™ process whom he says has "a consistent inner groundedness that outwardly expresses as spiritual elegance."

Saturday 3 November

10:30 Becky Bowles

Essential Oils and Natural Health

11:30 Katie Brockhurst

Social Media For A New Age

Create a healthy, vibrant successful social media practice with a guided meditation and conversation with Katie Kdot - Social Media Angel.
12:30 Viola Edward

Breathwork & the Alchemy of Emotion

You take your emotion wherever you go, understanding the alchemy of emotion because "as we progress we regress" is crucial

13:30 Antonia Harman

Learn to Instantly Dissolve Emotional Trauma

Empathically feeling others’ moods is nothing new. Learning to dissolve stagnated emotions or trauma just may be? Let Antonia awaken this gift within you and practice healing with a partner.

14:45 Adam Hocke

Yoga Flow and Practical Self-Care

Self-massage, rhythmic movement, and accessible yoga stretch and strengthening postures to develop a compassionate and feel-good relationship with your body

16:00 Joe Hoare

Laugh Sing Dance & Play

Co-ordinate body, breath, mind and spirit in an experience of joyful living. Learn to use all your senses and be calmer, more resilient, more intuitive, and more joyful.
17:00 Sean Patrick

Is Spirituality a Waste of Time? [Panel talk]

In a world full of madness is our spiritual practice a waste of time or more important than ever?

Sunday 4 November

10:45 Richard George

Yoga: Wholeness in Motion

Using yoga to explore connection - weaving the layers of body. mind and spirit towards a living breathing whole.

11:45 Malwina Stach

Chakra Balancing Meditation

A guided, inner journey through breath, visualisation and sound connected with Chakras elemental nature, dynamics and qualities which they represent
12:45 Nevsah Karamehmet

Discover The Miracle

An introduction to the breath coaching system and how breathing habits effect our lives with a demo session

13:45 Stephen Marks

Next Level Nidra

Journey with Stephen in this restful and relaxing space with a unique nidra set to deeply calming music.

14:45 Cate MacKenzie

Communicating Love

Come and learn how to create the right conditions for beautiful connections with another.

16:00 Melissa Bellydance

Belly Dance with Melissa BellyDance

A fun and invigorating belly dance class with Melissa Bellydance! ALL levels welcome and suitable for the complete beginner!