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Saturday 4 November 10:30 - 12:30

Chrissie Astell

Seven Steps into Angel Light

Be inspired. Experience and explore ways to develop practical tools and spiritual practices. Deepen your connection, balance your energies, attune to the magnificent Light of the Archangels. Receive guidance, find inner peace, life-purpose, healing, protection and love. Embrace this opportunity to engage with powerful beneficent angelic energies for yourself.

ABOUT Chrissie Astell

Chrissie Astell, is one of the UK's best-loved spiritual educators and angel experts. Following a visionary experience in 1997, while nursing, she became author of five books, most recently Seven Steps into Angel Light and is regular columnist for Spirit & Destiny magazine. Chrissie's inspirational charisma and intuitive gifts are supported by extensive academic study including BA Honours Degree in Comparative Religion, along with Post Graduate certificates in Teaching, Spiritual Development & Facilitation, and mentorship. With 20 years’ experience as a spiritual educator and counsellor, Chrissie has brought thousands into closer relationship with angelic healing energies and universal love.