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Friday 2 November 11:00 - 13:00

Clayton John Ainger

2 Hour Negativity Detox & Soul Rejuvenation

We all experience negativity! It causes us to get in our own way, to sabotage relationships, health, well being, finances, our love of life...but even though we know better, why don't we do better? Join Clayton to discover the truth behind your negativity and how to use it as a creative fuel for success, rather than something that keeps you stuck reliving the past.

ABOUT Clayton John Ainger

Clayton is the award-winning best selling author of The Ego's Code. From once being a tax specialist he is now an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Sought after Consultant and Speaker. He is a regular feature on radio shows across the UK, US and Australia and has appeared in UK magazines Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Soul Magazine and Paradign Shift. Clayton loves to be different, challenge the status quo and help the people and companies he works with to explore new ways of being so they can live and lead with congruency. Clayton's ethos in life is about "making every person matter, every time!"