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Friday 2 November 13:30 - 15:30

Jason Chan

Moving in the Light

Moving in the Light through the dynamic, graceful and powerful Infinite Chi Kung sequence and Infinite Meditation, we expand the consciousness. The ultimate secret of the universe is within our awakened consciousness. We skillfully transform weakness into strength with Radiant Chi, re-imprinting our subconscious mind with vivid richness and bright aliveness.

ABOUT Jason Chan

Jason Chan is the creator and founder of the Infinite Arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation , Chi Yoga and Ling Chi Healing Arts- a fusion of East and West practices that cultivate a radiant presence, and aid expansion of consciousness. Jason is an award-winning author, a spiritual teacher and master-healer. He's been voted most inspirational individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. In 2016 , he was chosen as one of the UK's leading "evolutionaries" by Source TV, and received the Editor's Award from Kindred Spirit magazine in 2017 for his significant and meaningful work.