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Friday 3 November 10:45 - 12:45

Lauren Robertson

Miraculous Mediumship: A Demonstration of Spirit Communication

Join medium and transformational coach Lauren Robertson as she reconnects you with your loved ones in Spirit, bringing affirmation, comfort and love. Our session will conclude with an empowering Q & A as we enlist the help of Spirit to answer our most pressing life questions.

ABOUT Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson is a medium and transformational coach. She specializes in helping her clients transcend the fear of death and the pain of loss, by re-connecting them with their loved-ones in Spirit, and answering their most pressing life questions. Lauren's journey as a medium began with the loss of her beloved Gran. Fifteen years later, she has conducted tens-of-thousands of 1:1 sessions, and demonstrated her mediumship internationally. Studying consciousness and philosophy of mind at University of Glasgow, Lauren began to understand the human Spirit, and our eternal connection to each other, in a new way that revealed the true healing potential of mediumship in our modern world.