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Friday 3 November 13:15 - 15:15

Yogi Ashokananda

Mindfulness in Daily Life

This workshop will provide you with simple mindfulness techniques to calm your mind, relax
the nervous system and  feel positive in life while creating a healing vibration to your
This session will allow you to experience meditation and mindfulness while we explore the
connection of the mind, body and breath. The workshop will begin with a guided discussion
to address very basic questions.
• What is Mindfulness?
• How do you create mindfulness?
The meditation / mindfulness practice will begin with Pranayama (control of the prana). The
breath carries the life force known as prana into each person’s body and is considered to be
the physical manifestation of this vital energy. As we breathe, prana is the inhalation and
apana is the exhalation, and the time between the two is called samana. We will be practicing
various forms or pranayama to bring prana to every part of the brain and thereby improving
your mental balance and stability.