Special Areas Highlights – Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival

  • 19th April 2016

The countdown is on to the Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival. Here's our 4 day Wellbeing highlights of the special areas at the festival: The Wellbeing Studio, Mantra Lounge, Love Dome and Wellbeing Spa.

Wellbeing Studio

Also included among this year’s FREE special features is the Wellbeing Studio. With classes and taster sessions hosted by some of the UK’s best loved Yoga and Wellbeing teachers. Whilst the Studio sessions are FREE, we do welcome donations for our chosen charity which this year is the Ashok Tree Foundation founded by Yogi Ashokananda.

Friday 29th April

Denisa Nenova: Zeal for Life Join Denisa for a deep Hatha Flow. Invigorate your body & awaken your heart! Shake off the Old & find Courage to step in a life of Authenticity and Grace. 1511460_10152797239974718_8422299731571858069_n Yogi Ashokananda: Huffs and Puffs Power of Prana Join Yogi on this taster session to the power of Prana. YogiAshokananda-4872 Prana Kriya Yoga

Saturday 30th April

                          Blake Bauer: Unconditional Self Love, the Key to Healing, Happiness & Peace Discover how all suffering is a cry from your soul/subconscious mind asking you to value & accept yourself in every situation. Understand the root cause of all illness & unhappiness.                                   Skip Archimedes: How To Live With Eternal Youth During the session Skip will guide participants through ancient forgotten truths that allow people to live with eternal youthful energy

Sunday 1st May


#HigherSelfie: Startup Clinic In this ‘tell all’ session Jo and Lucy will be sharing how they created the #HigherSelfie brand and movement and taking your questions about how to create a thriving spiritual business.                                       Dirish Shaktidas: Shakti Dance Shakti Dance The Yoga of Dance and based in Kundalini Yoga. It is a fusion of eastern and western dances

Monday 2nd May

Kirsty Gallagher: The Art of Letting Go. Combining gentle flows, a deeply nourishing yin yoga practice, pranayama (breathing techniques) and mudras (energy seals) this nurturing workshops will teach you many ways to help you deeply release and let go in body, mind, heart and Soul. Cat Duval: Kick Asana Yoga is not just for bendy pretzels it is for everybody with every body type. Kick Asana is a workshop about empowering you from the inside out to be fully present in the world regardless of physique, gender, sexual orientation natural ability to tie your body into knots and fit into a matchbox.

Mantra Lounge

The Mantra Lounge offers a sanctuary of calm in the midst of one of the vibrant towns on Earth. Meditation sessions and immersive sound experiences will be hosted by top names in the field. Hosted by Anne Malone. anne malone

Friday 29th April

Anne Malone: Oasis of Sound and Song Relax and bathe in exquisite sounds of Hang, Tibetan bowls, Sansula, Rainstick, Drum and vocal tones, as healing vibrations wash over you, re-tuning your body on a cellular level. abby Abby Wynne: Guided Meditation  Healing an aspect of yourself On this guided healing meditation Abby will bring you to a landscape where you can meet with, talk to and receive healing for an aspect of yourself which is in need of attention.

Saturday 30th April

Joe Hoare: Laughter yoga meditation ‘Relax, stretch, move, breathe, smile and laugh – the perfect meditation to chill, energise, ground, connect & expand’ Jahnavi Harrison: Kirtan with Jahnavi Harrison and friends Uplifting call and response kirtan from the bhakti yoga tradition. Easy, joyful, and guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Sunday 1st May

11060847_921603931207184_8581048401857605824_n Rebecca Campbell: Turn Your Light On When we connect with our inner light we improve our intuition and fall into flow with the Universe. Come turn your light on, improve your intuition and increase your vibration! Niki Slade: Mantra For Your Inner Voice Enter the abode of the heart through the nectar of chanting. Connect deeply with your inner Self, experience the bliss of freedom.

Monday 2nd May

Charlie Morley: Dream Time In this inspirational talk Hay House author and Buddhist lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley explores how lucid dreaming can be of both spiritual and psychological benefit to those who practice it as part of their spiritual path. Chloe Cousins: Activate your Light Body & Unlock your Destiny Your lightbody contains keys and codes to ignite your unique destiny. Learn about this powerful spiritual technology, why it is so vital for your ascension process & most importantly how to unlock it from within.

Love Dome

Bliss out in the Love Dome, the centre for all things LOVE. Take a health check on your relationships, delve into your feelings and just let go in an environment of openness, exploration, compassion and calm. Hosted by The Love Coach, Cate Mackenzie. cate mackenzie

Friday 29th April

Cate Mackenzie: The art of flirting! Come and learn how to look, smile and connect with others whether you are single or in a couple! Mas Sajady: Divine Ecstasy Join Mas for a healing meditation.

Saturday 30th April

Nick Williams: Do what you love, love what you do Our work can be our love made visible, and loving what you do is the most attractive form of marketing. Nick share tips on how to love what you do Leora Lightwoman: Tantra - Sexuality with Heart and Soul Awaken expansive sexuality, love and relaxed harmony from within. Gentle movement, awareness, eye contact and breath meditation. Individuals and couples.

Sunday 1st May

Amanda Hart: Waking up your Success Mechanism Awakening our blueprint helps us to find our authentic selves, our power and our voice, to lead fulfilling lives in balance and harmony for the greater good of all. Maria Karpasitis: Love. The Universe and You Our attempt to control, over organise, block or cling on, is were most of our pain and struggle lies. Isn't it time we teamed up with the universe to co-create the life we desire and truly deserve?

Monday 2nd May

David Hamilton: How Love is Good for Your Heart David will share some research on the the different ways that love affects your heart and even how you affect other people's hearts. The Wild Wellbeing Spa  massage2 Fresh from the Wilderness Festival! Put your wellbeing in the hands of London’s top therapists.The Wild Wellbeing Spa is an immersive celebrations of health and wellbeing nestled on the Exhibition floor. Creating a tranquil hideaway to relax, recharge and retreat. Book treatments via our website in thai massage, reflexology and facials. Download your festival programme, RSVP to our Facebook eventBook tickets for the festival. See you there!

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