Finding Heaven with Sunday Times top 10 bestselling afterlife author, Theresa Cheung

  • 10th August 2016

As soon as I learned about all this exciting new research going on to prove the reality of paranormal phenomena I knew that I wanted to bring it to the attention of my readers.

Until a few years ago I was very much an invisible author. I'd written numerous mind body spirit encyclopedias and afterlife books - some of which hit the Sunday Times top 10 and others became international bestsellers translated into thirty different languages - but I never felt the need to promote my books as they somehow seemed to find their audience. Since leaving King's College, Cambridge University with a Masters in Theology and English I have devoted my life to researching and writing about the psychic world and very much believed with this kind of spiritual book that there was no need for me to become visible because it should be the reader who finds the book when they are ready and not the author pushing them to public attention. All that changed though recently when one of my readers - the lovely Kim Nash who actually contributed a story for one of my afterlife story collection books - urged me to overcome my allergy to social media and interact with my readers in a more direct way. I was nervous at first but gave it a go as had slowly begun to realise that the publishing world has changed so dramatically in recent years and the spiritual revolution is going to take place online not through books. I am so very glad I followed her advice because rather than the old fashioned way of being totally removed from my readers so they can only contact me via my publisher I can now interact with them directly and immediately through my author page on Facebook. I've often been told the UK is a cynical place and nobody is interested in matters spiritual but in the space of year or so the page just started to grow wings and become an online talking point. It's popularity felt heaven sent and it was then that I made the decision to use my status as a bestselling author to give my readers a gift. Let me explain: Science meeting Spirit The books and encyclopeidas I have written over the years are largely based on anecdotal evidence or ancient, esoteric wisdom without any scientific backing. One of the criticisms I have had over the years - especially from my academic peers - is that my books are not scientific and everything people write to me about in their afterlife stories or experiences and everything I discuss is hallucination or imagination or delusion or wishful thinking. There is no proof. I am not a scientist but I know deep down that there truth in what I write about it. I realised though that simply saying it is a matter of belief is a weak defence. I wanted to respond with something more powerful and see where science is at these days when it comes to investigating the paranormal. What I discovered blew my mind. I discovered that science is investigating the world of spirit and what they are discovering is extremely promising. For example, Dr Sam Parnia from the University of Southampton has tentatively proved in a ground breaking study of 2000 near death experience stories that consciousness can survive bodily death for at least three minutes. His study was so credible that the scientific community has taken note and another round of research is currently underway. Dr Julie Beischel from the Windbridge Institute in the States ( is testing mediums scientifically and her research has had such encouraging results it was published in the New York Times - again another round of research is underway. And then we have The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in the United states and their prestigious science team led by Dr Dean Radin and includes Dr Arnaud Delorme and Dr Julia Mossbridge. These guys are all highly qualified experts in their respective scientific fields but they also have a fascination with the paranormal and their research on precognition, mind influencing matter, channeling and afterlife communication is causing a lot of excitement. Do visit them at It is early days for this kind of research  - as until recently researching the paranormal was career suicide for a scientist - but, perhaps becuse of deelopments in quantum science, all that prejudice is slowly melting away and the gap between sciene and spirit is closing. The public just isn't aware of this huge development though. Proof of Spirit As soon as I learned about all this exciting new research going on to prove the reality of paranormal phenomena I knew that I wanted to bring it to the attention of my readers. I wanted to show them that science is now looking at their stories not as delusion but as data and indeed if you consider the amount of anecdotal stories about the afterlife that have been told over the centuries it is inexplicable why science hasn't investigated it in depth sooner but I guess religion and fear have been reasons why. So, I reached out to IONS and asked their science team to do a series of short videos on my Facebook Author page talking directly to my readers about this research and avoiding complicated scientific jargo. I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed and for one week in Spring 2016 I posted a video every evening from the team. The response online was out of this world with close to half a million views for the videos and some posts getting as many as 27,000 likes. Do check out these videos in the video library of my Theresa Cheung Author page on Facebook. At the end of the week IONS was so happy with the attention this had gathered for their research they awarded me a landing page on their website with three free gifts for my readers to collect. Do check out the page as I truly believe it is taking the world of mind body spirit to the next level. I truly believe one day we will prove that spirit is real and scientists, like Dr Parnia, Dr Beischel and those on the IONS team, are leading the way: My mission The sensational IONS week boosted my page likes to 20000 and counting and from that moment on I made it my mission online to spread the word that heaven and the psychic world is being taken seriously be the world of science. The truth is out there. I also made it my mission to try to normalise the paranormal and to show my readers that sixth sense is as natural as all the other senses. Last, but my no means least, I made it my mission to remove the stigma and fear surrounding death. The page has proved so popular my latest book, Ten Secrets of Heaven (Simon and Schuster) was serialised by the Daily Mail and for the first time ever I have been invited to do numerous talks and workshops, like the one I am going to do at Birmingham Festival of Wellbeing at the NEC on November 4 - which is actually publication day for my first book with my new publisher, Piatkus. It is called Heaven Called My Name and I am extremely proud of it and advance copies will be available there. The Finding heaven workshop:  Let's talk a bit about the Finding Heaven workshop I am doing at Birmingham Wellbeing Festival on November 4 from 10.30- 12.30 and what to expect: Well, expect the unexpected because that is what heaven is like from all the research I have done over two or more decades. The one thing that is for certain is that those who attend will be inspired and encouraged to find heaven within and to see and feel it all around them. I believe in the power of collaboration - as my author page on Facebook is as much about inspiring and giving information as about offering a platform to my readers to share their stories and to amazing people in the world of spirit who work from the heart - so the workshop will be led by myself and three amazing ladies: medium Claire Broad and self help experts: Kim Nash and Shelley Wilson. The path to heaven is a very individual one for each one of us but I hope this workshop will be a crossroads or turning point for all those who attend. I hope it will open minds to infinite and eternal possibilities within and all around them and to living a magical life on earth and in heaven. IMG_1440.PNGheavenhere author

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