Making the Law of Attraction work for you by Michael James

  • 22nd August 2016

Many people have read about the Law of Attraction - but are not getting the results they want. Some are confused, asking questions such as “Do I do affirmations, create vision boards - or meditate more?” or  “Do I appreciate the life I’ve got - or visualise the life I want?”

And others have given up entirely, and written the Law of Attraction off as being something that doesn’t work. And then there are the people who are getting fairly good results in certain areas - but not others. For example, they find parking spaces and their job is going well, but they feel terrible about their romantic relationships. Or money comes to them easily, but they don’t feel confident about their body image or they don’t get along with their family. Magical beginnings… And then questions When I first was introduced to the idea of Law of Attraction, it felt like I’d stumbled across Aladdin’s Lamp. Within a very short period, I had moved out of depression, no money, living in a place I didn’t want to live… and into a beautiful apartment just down the road from the BBC, where I had recently started working after manifesting a ‘dream job’ in journalism. But in other areas, I just couldn’t seem to “make it work”. Around that time, thanks to my journalism skills, contacts - and the Law of Attraction - I met with some of the biggest name contemporary ‘self help’ teachers of the time and spiritual leaders from all across the world. And so began my study of both the Law of Attraction and how to put it into practice. As if researching for a pHD, I read hundreds of books, many of which you will have heard of and some more obscure ones. My search led me to study several of the world’s religions and traditions, including yoga and energy healing techniques. Some of those big name teachers became friends and through our conversations I discovered, like the great mystics who came before, that all paths are talking about the same thing; there is a simple Truth at the heart of them all. I began to learn the common pitfalls people come across when working with the Law of Attraction - and what was actually working for people: what were the ingredients that the success stories I heard had in common? (You can read the Success Stories here What followed was a successful weekly group in London and a thriving one-to-one practice. I’ve taken my group to places as diverse as Brixton Prison and various healing groups, seeing the incredible power of this work to transform lives. Is it about “getting stuff”? Many people think that the Law of Attraction is all about “manifesting stuff” - but it isn’t. After all, if you are in a dark place, all the riches in the world are not enough to make you happy. Like all paths, the Law of Attraction is just another way of looking at the same thing: how to connect with Self, finding inner peace and happiness, becoming who we were born to be - and then radiating that state of being into the world. When we find this state of self-love, the world reflects back this state. And so yes, material benefits can be part of it - but it’s mostly about the attaining of the feeling within (which is the reason you want what you want “out there” anyway). The power of the shadows On my journey, I was also particularly interested in how to deal with life when we are in the bad times; those “emotional storms” where all the positive affirmations or spiritual quotes in the world seem to get us nowhere. We all have bad days, as much as many people, especially in the contemporary spiritual world, like to deny that we do. But denial doesn’t make the shadows go away. And by trying to “cover over” our problems with happy thoughts, they often get bigger, not smaller - and solutions become even more distant. In my own life, reading books which “warned” me about negative thinking got me to try hard to be positive, and I started dwelling on negative thoughts even more (because what we resist, persists). And then I got scared of what my negative thoughts might “make happen”. This teaching doesn’t help people feel good - and is missing the point. Micheal James Just like tension at the gym evolves our muscles, the problems of life - including our “negativity” - evolve us. I am less interested in trying to work out why unwanted things happen in life -  and more about what we can do from right where we are to feel better. In this brand new workshop Making the Law of Attraction work for you, which I am presenting at the Birmingham Mind Body Spirit Festival on Sunday November 6th at 1:30pm-3:30pm, I will share a powerful and practical approach, one I have seen work for many people from all walks of life. You will experience tools to take away with you so you can begin to change your life right away. michealworkshop One of the first things I will be sharing is how to let go of any problems we may be having and discover that place of self-confidence within. Once we are free from the clutter of thoughts and problems; once we are able to somehow be okay with our lives as they are, then we can move onto be the co-creators we were born to be.

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