The difference between twin flame love and superficial love by Tracey Ash

  • 29th January 2017
“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” - RUMI Tracey Ash You are entering a journey with me to explore the difference between twin flame love and superficial love. The love that is and the love that is not.  My revolutionary 5D Training has been designed over decades to inspire you to understand not only what love means in a relationship but what love means to you as an individual. I have known and lost in love. Known superficial love and devastating emptiness. I now have so much love from my twin flame that life inevitably can never be the same. Taking me onto a magic carpet ride of spirituality that opens the doors of life and world. I travel the world educating at premiere EXPOs. My message is one of hope and easy, transformation that penetrates superficial stereotypes. These stereotypes stand in our way. This is the journey  of love that endures and evolves the meaning of our existence. Enter the journey of real inner healing to unlock love and a life that is truly magical. When every thought and feeling propels you and your loved ones into incredible life. We can not cosmically order this. We earn this journey when pain transforms to gold. This is when we know our authentic self. We step into grown-up LOVE. 1: YOUR INNER JOURNEY. Dedicated reflection and awareness unlocks you as a powerful catalyst who understands your journey of love and healing. Understanding your story with love defines your story of healing and finding yourself. What you inherited from family and life, beliefs and understanding of love. Meditation can take you on a deeper journey of discovery to know love at deeper, authentic levels. If we have lost our way in love we can find love again. We find heart again. You can use 5D meditation technologies to unlock time, space and sacred healing to know who you are, your values and destiny. When we dedicate to this brace path. RESONANCE sparkles through the world and universe to say, "I acknowledge my unhealthy stories. I resolve the stories i have inherited that may tell a very different story of what is possible in love." 'I LOVE. I AM READY FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.  I AM READY TO LOVE MORE, HEAL MORE, KNOW MYSELF. LOVE IS THE GREATEST HEALING JOURNEY OF ALL.  THIS IS MY MANTRA, THIS IS MY LIFE.' Our stories are rooted in a colourful history of human experience. You are indeed what you have experienced and have been influenced by. Positive and toxic programming is a fascinating continuous starting point to unravel. As an individual you may have an incredible NEW inner work journey to consider and complete. Every individual is unique. This I always honour. It is the only way to genuinely help others heal themselves. You must strive to be a clear. Work to free the safe zone of toxic drama that locks your freedom to experience love in very different ways. At this point you may wish to write down concisely your feelings around love. Be brave. Giving time and space for authentic connection to feelings and life experiences is key. If you have repeat cycles of disappointment ask the questions, "WHAT HAVE I LEARNED ABOUT LOVE & WHY?" "WHAT HAVE I LOVED ABOUT LOVE?"  "WHAT DO I LOVE ABOUT LOVE?" "WHAT AM I LEARNING TO EMPOWER WITHIN ME?" SEEK TO CREATE THIS. PURPOSE. LOVE brings incredible life lessons for every human being on earth. This transcends cultural influences and programming that separates us. This common bond of learning and discovery unites us all. We ALL experience love and we ALL experience suffering. This is the bond of humanity. Love is a gift and opportunity to know who we are. Love is the magic that shows us we can be free despite challenges. Love demonstrates the resource within ourselves that can transcend our superficial need. We can be more. We can love more. We can deserve more love. Love is the spiritual lesson no matter how strongly contaminated or influenced we are by our history. I take you on sacred journeys to remember you you truly are. All of us dream and hope that we can be touched or blessed by the miracle of love. It is always possible but this journey requires your dedication to understanding your stories and the reality as a consequence of your thoughts and feelings. Yes believe in love. What is important is that you know this life-changing spiritual fact. 3: SAY 'YES'. If you are reading this article LOVE fascinates you. Love has implored you to search for deeper answers. I wish every individual I meet the gift of awareness and ultimate freedom. Awareness gives us the choice to transform destructive toxic and selfish demands for non-love. Awareness gives us the opportunity to transform and fall in love with ourselves again. I believe we should make sacred the miracle of knowing love everyday. In the tiniest of things. We should seek this within self and life every day. This is the revolutionary yet miracle simple spiritual choice. The limitations of our life become acknowledged as reference points of choice. When we truly heal we truly have freedom and choice to choose new journeys in love and life. This is indeed the path of evolution and love. Love is the genius key for health, success and fulfilment at every dimension of living. You succeed in honouring your existence as sacred, understanding why loving and truly living is the only way. This is the next frontier. BIOGRAPHY Tracy Ash Creator and Innovator since 1999 of Awareness School, Life Vision School, Mystery School & 5D TRAINING. These revolutionary approaches are cutting-edge, new frontier in HEALING & AWAKENING. 2017, sees a UK, USA , JAPAN & EGYPT premiere EXPO & TRAINING TOUR.  She headlines a 1000 AUDIENCE seminar at Japan's number 1 expo. Join Tracey at 2017 London Wellbeing Festival - 29th April- 1st May - The ultimate LOVE, LIGHT & MIRACLES Workshop Sunday 30 April 16:00 - 18:00 - Workshop tickets only £20.00 Do you want to manifest impossible and extraordinary journeys? Do you want to demolish superficial stereotypes, suffering and drama? Bring your REQUEST on what you want in love, light and miracles. More info

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