Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get paid to lead a workshop at Mind Body Spirit?

Yes! We pay you, on a percentage of ticket sales basis. You'll receive full details about payment and other arrangements if your application is successful. We do not pay travel expenses.

If you are considering coming from abroad to teach a workshop at MBS, please bear in mind that we do not cover travel or accommodation costs.

If I book a stand in the Exhibition Hall, can I teach a workshop?

Not necessarily ' the two aspects of the Show are independent. In order to ensure the relevance and quality for the workshop programme, workshops are selected by invitation only. If you are considering exhibiting, we'll let you know about your application as soon as we can, so that you can make relevant arrangements and decide whether or not you want to exhibit at the Show.

How are Presenters selected?

Presenters are selected via a mix of applications, recommendations, research, and plain ol' intuition! There is no set formula, and the schedule is more of an art than a science. Inspiring, coherent workshop descriptions are CRUCIAL to your application ' of course it's not just about YOU, but the work you are bringing.

I have applied in the past, and was unsuccessful. Should I try again?

By all means. Please complete the new application form and tell us how your work is developing.

What kind of topics are you looking for?

We like to cover as broad a remit as possible within the realm of mind body and spirit. So essentially, anything goes. That said, we are looking for grounded approaches that demonstrate integrity and a tangible benefit for workshop participants. MBS workshops are interactive and provide a memorable experience, and tools attendees can take away.

Do I have to be a published author to present a workshop?

No! But as you would expect from Europe's biggest MBS event, Presenters need to have some measure of profile and a significant track record in teaching within their chosen field. You need to have a solid body of work behind you, and where relevant, training and qualifications. If you're brand new to leading groups, or have only had experience working with very small numbers, MBS Wellbeing may not be the right choice for you this year.

If we think your work may be a good fit for the Show, we'll want to talk further with you, ideally in person, or otherwise on the phone.

If it's not a good fit this time around, we'll send you an email to let you know. Unfortunately we are not able to provide detailed reasoning for our decisions.

Please wait at least a month after submitting your application, to ensure it has been properly reviewed. We do our best to reply to everyone, but do write to us if you haven't heard within about 4 weeks.

If I am unsuccessful in my workshop application, are there other opportunities at the Festival? For example, can I give a free talk?

We do not currently run a programme of talks. Some types of work may be suitable for a 30 minute session on our Live Stage if we think that might fit for you, we'll be in touch having read your application.

There are a limited number of guided meditation sessions available at our Mantra Lounge, or equivalent. These are by invitation only ' again, we'll be in touch if we can offer you something there.

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