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The Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing experience would not be complete without immersing yourself in our vibrant Exhibitor Marketplace and indulging in some retail therapy. Here, you’ll discover independent organisations, companies and therapists with a wealth of experience, expertise, treatments and treats for you to sample, try and buy. Take in a massage, check out the colour of your aura, discover some cool music, experience an amazing floating bed, trip out on the Lucia 3, fuel up at the Inspiral Café, receive guidance from a reading or just stock up on some of the world’s finest books, vitamins, organic beauty products, yoga supplies, supplements, organic treats, handmade jewellery and crystals.

Stand No. Exhibitor
C34 28+DNA Activation & Healing

26/28/32 DNA Activation, Healing, Reiki, Massage, NLP & Coaching Offers
Galactic Federation Lightworker School

Visit our C34 stand to receive our special offers and love!

You can receive our 15-20 minutes short but powerful sessions at a special price.

Free Audio - You can listen to the explanation of our services at the festival if you want to decide what to choose (Speaker: School founder, Kei) - 15min.

* Our website for this special offer - please click here. 

**** 3 Limited Special Offers****
- If you book 32 DNA Activation & Energy Balancing Combination sessions in advance, we will offer you one free MBS guest pass (12 pounds value) for you to enter for that day you book.
----- Conditions are-
1) Available slots for this is Fri 10am-12noon, Sat 10am or Sun 10am.
2) Non-refundable.  
3) You allow us to email an E-ticket from the ticket management software which MBS uses. (you won’t receive any promotional messages from them).
4) Deadline of booking and payment is May 21st 12 noon.   
----- Booking: please email us. First come, first served.



★SPECIAL RATE £15-70 by cash only at MBS★

* Expected benefits
- Career path transition support
- Experience personal freedom from what holds you back.

- Supports you to transform and create your life.


  • 2) Energy Balancing & Reiki Healing

Balancing your own energy brings calmness, clarity and peace of mind. It is an essential energetic and emotional state and a gateway for your happiness and prosperity.
* Expected benefits
- Helps you to get grounded and align your chakras.
- Your feminine and masculine energy get balanced.

Bad energy connections drain your energy through energetic emotional cords. Cord cutting regains your power.
* Expected benefits
- Stops people draining your energy.
- Helps you unlock negative hooks from others.
- Helps you get over a relationship break-up and a divorce.


Release and heal your emotional distress with our gentle but powerful Crystal and Reiki Healing. This session supports you to become healed emotionally & mentally.


    Release tension and pain from your neck, shoulders and head and become lighter. Original Usui Reiki can be also applied.


     Original Usui Reiki maintains its non-modified pure Japanese energy and lineage. It reduces symptoms of physical ailments, stress and anxiety and helps      you physically & mentally. You can receive a healing from an Ascended Master, i.e. Kuan Yin


     Your Auric field will be healed and repaired by releasing emotional and mental negative energies. You will feel more energised physically, emotionally     and mentally.


    Tell us what you want to solve and a qualified Master NLP practitioner helps you transform your life via your nervous system and sensors. 


     Qualified life coach asks you insightful questions and you can explore within. Coaching is the best way to maximise your potential. (Please note that a          coach supports you to find your own answers, does not giving them.).






** Please be aware we accept only cash payment. No cards.**

** You can have up to 2 sessions as a combination.**


Looking forward to meeting you at our C34 Stand.


Galactic Federation Lightworker School, London (Bond St/Covent Garden/Liverpool st).

Founder & Senior Teacher – Kei Nishimura
(DNA Activator, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Healer, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, PGDip in Psychology)


Website: http://uk.gfls.co.ukuk.gfls.co.uk/event/our-stand-c34-at-mind-body-spirit-festival-2018-may-25th-28th-at-london-olympia/

Email: kayarmsuk@gmail.com



A36 A1 Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy programs

F24 Abel & Cole

Hi, we’re Abel & Cole. We deliver fantastic boxes of organic fruit & veg to homes across the country from farmers we’ve known for donkeys.

D24 Access Consciousness - All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory

What are “The Bars”? - The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

What does a Bars session do?

The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.

C68 Active Silver - Colloidal Silver & Gold

Active Silver (STAND C68) manufactures very high quality Colloidal Silver and is a UK based family business. With over 20 years’ experience we developed the following products that will be available at the show:

Active Silver Colloidal Silver – a very effective immunity booster as well as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and skin healing solution
Active Silver ‘Magic’ Gel – containing Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera, it will help to calm and heal skin conditions
Active Silver ‘Hit the Spot’ cream – specifically developed for acne
Active Gold Colloidal Gold – known to be good for arthritis and repairing the nervous system
Active Glow – a skin complexion improver that makes your skin look radiant as well as treating it. It contains Colloidal Silver, Gold, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil


Colloidal Silver is where it all started for Silver Health Limited. Colloidal Silver is a very effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and skin healing solution – nature’s alternative to antibiotics, and therefore, a great product to have in the cupboard at home for all your family’s health/ailments, and pets too!

It’s known to be effective against 650 known strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are thousands of testimonials where people and their pets have found Colloidal Silver to have huge health benefits. Here are just some examples on what it can help and give relief to: Acne, Athletes Foot, Burns, Colds, Coughs, Cuts, Ear and Eye infections, Eczema, Flu, Psoriasis, Rashes, Ulcers.

You can use it as:

•             As a daily preventative to enhance your body’s immune system

•             As a first defence to naturally treat infection, disease and heal tissue and skin

•             An alternative for illnesses that cannot be treated or have been defeated by modern drugs.

You can take Active Silver orally or apply direct onto skin, into nose, throat, eyes and ears.

Silver has been widely used as a natural medicine for thousands of years, right up right back to Greek and Roman times where they used a silver coin in a barrel of water or milk to keep it fresh.  It was very commonly used until c.1938, before the introduction of antibiotics. 

Today, more and more people are turning to it as a natural alternative treatment, and the body can’t build up a resistance to Colloidal Silver like it can to conventional antibiotics.

Today it’s also used on sticky plasters; wound dressings in hospital burns units; NASA use silver water systems in its space shuttles and many airlines use it to curtail water borne diseases; some hospitals use silver-coated catheters to help prevent infections.

Active Silver is a brand of Silver Health Limited. It has been manufacturing Colloidal Silver for over 20 years with a lot of experience using the Silver technology in many commercial buildings too.

B66 Acumag

Acumag is an Acupressure and Magnetic therapy treatment devices manufacturing concern offering a wide range of products that can be used in your home at your convenience. The easy to use products serve as blessing aids in the treatment of acupressure and magnetic therapy. Acumag, over the years has contributed numerous products for these treatments and has earned a reputable name. What is Acupressure and Magnetic Therapy? How can the treatments help you improve your physical and psychological state?

A8 Akashic Clinics - Cellular Health

Akashic Clinics is an Integrative Cellular Health Clinic based in Stanmore, London. We use a unique & in-depth process of assessing the root causes of your symptoms that may be impacting you at the cellular level. The Body Analysis Scan, Frequency Therapy, Far-Infrared Detox Bed, SOQI Energy Machine & Nanopulse (PEMF) technology forms our treatment approach that completely realigns your health & restores your cells to their optimum function. 



A31 AllatRa UK
A50 Alternatives
E56 Ancient Design

Sacred Geometry products using emblazoned Flower of Life to revitalised liquids and foods store in them. Along with products that support health and well-being.

B8 Andrea & Laura Miles Jewellery

Spiritual and healing gemstone jewellery from around the world set in sterling silver. Unique designs and gemstone carvings. Hand made pieces including a native american indian crafted collection new for 2018.

B58 Annie Mundy - Beyond Biasa
LF Anonymous Love Letters #sharethelove

Sharing love around the world 1 letter at a time. Join us in this simple act of writing anonymous love letters and raising the planet's vibration to LOVE. Write one, find one and help us #sharethelove aroud the festival. 

F40 Arbonne
D28 Art of Life UK
C49 Ashaninka Cacao
E30 Ashok Tree Foundation

Neuroprana Copper Water Bottles (950ml & 450ml) is a natural alkaline water bottle that helps to balance the body's pH for overall well-being.  Water stored in the Neuroprana Copper Water Bottle will balance the three doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by negatively charging the water, preventing growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

DVD – Power Yoga  - Throughout his life, Yogi Ashokananda has been fortunate to learn from some of the great Indian masters. After years of developing his own practice and studying the ancient Indian systems of yoga and meditation, he has created a series of unique sequences that are rooted in the authentic traditions yet have been adapted to suit 21st century lifestyle.  

  • Practice 1 - Strengthening: This is a strong yet supportive routine, working through your entire body, cleansing and revitalising. This section will help you develop awareness of your breath and your body. 
  • Practice 2 - Kriya Yoga Anti Ageing: Kriya Yoga harmonises and unites the flow of the physical movement in our bodies, with its energetic power helping you to become conscious of your creative potential, slowing down the ageing process and increasing your cardiovascular strength. 
  • Practice 3 - Power Within: The focus of this yoga is on physical stamina as well as an awareness of your ability to love and respect yourself. The aim of power yoga is to unite mind and body, creating an equal respect between your higher and material self. That is the true nature of yoga. 
  • Practice 4 - Savasana: A deep relaxation with a vision of your body and your breath, releasing physical tension and calming your mind. 
  • Bonus Section: Includes 3 Breathing features and a taster of the Science of Relaxation Meditation, Yogi Ashokananda's individual, transformational and dynamic meditation segment.

DVD – AM:PM Yoga Flow Box Set (double DVD) 

AM/PM Yoga DVD Box Set by Yogi Ashokananda 

Growing up in India as a young child Yogi Ashokananda studied yoga from an early age under the guidance of many Indian Masters. For decades, Yogi has been teaching and practising yoga to many students around the world and has designed this programme so you may start your morning feeling energised and fresh, and end your day feeling relaxed and grounded. 

This 2 disk set offers a unique fully comprehensive series of yoga, meditation and breathing practices which have their roots in ancient Vedic tradition. It explores physical asana in flowing Himalayan Hatha Flow sequences, pranayama, breath, bandhas, mudras, sound, meditation and deep relaxation. This Box Set will give you a complete package for mind and body, as you tap into the infinite source of power within you, feeling in touch with your highest purpose and in harmony with your physical environment, day and night. 

AM (Solar/Surya) 
The AM programme consists of 3 x 20 minute routines to begin your day or to use anytime you need to energise yourself. 

PM (Lunar/Chandra) 
The PM programme consists of 3 x 20 minute routines that focus more on unwinding and releasing what no longer serves you. The intent is to focus inward and revive yourself.

Book – The Power of Relaxation - Yogi Ashokananda

Learn from an authentic yoga master, Yogi Ashokananda whose down-to-earth teachings are rooted in ancient Indian tradition but adapted for the 21st Century. With self-acceptance at the heart of Yogi s spiritual practice, this joyful focus on the body (rather than mind) and on embracing all aspects of life makes The Power of Relaxation s teachings more accessible and enjoyable than other spiritual paths. Including over 30 easy-to-follow and fully-illustrated meditations, yoga postures and breathing exercises, you too can heal emotional wounds, energize yourself or relax into your inner power and achieve total wellbeing.

Yoga Mats - Natural Rubber sticky mats

Bags – Various sizes

C48 Awakenings

Gallup Stenghts - what are you naturally good at and how to take that to the next level

Sacred Activations - activactions to clear limiting beliefs and support you to bringing your life to the next..........

C2 Beauty Gate
B71 Bellibone - To The Core


Bellibone is all about holistic healing of mind, body & spirit. We devlop 10-15 minute yoga routines specifically for your needs and design recipes and meal plans that help you lose weight or recover from illness & disease. We are all about working with you to the core of your health issues and mindset to help you live a long and happy life.

F14 BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

Bemer, Physical vascular therapy.

An amazing machine that uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to improve the microcirculation and promotes blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. This improves the performance of the body's cells which in turn favours the body's own self healing powers.

When applied regularly, physical vascular therapy effectively helps alleviate conditions and supports the body's own self healing and regeneration processes


D15 bewater

Here at bewater we create gorgeous re-usable water bottles with chambers of gemstones at their centre. This enhances the quality of the water and provides a unique and beautiful bottle. We have both glass bottles and bottles made of BPA-free Tritan for on-the-go use. There are twelve different crystal combinations available for you to choose from.

E8 Big Juice
F48 Body Reclamation with Esther De La Ford


Body Reclamation is a 12 week 1:1 coaching programme created to help women who have experienced sexual trauma reconnect with their bodies, reclaim their sexual power and find joy in all areas of life.


It is run by Esther De La Ford, full time coach, clinical hypnotherapist and former lap-dancer. She writes for multiple online journals on subjects like wellbeing, sexuality, equality, feminism and women’s empowerment and is trained in multiple healing and coaching modalities. She has combined all of this with her own extensive personal and professional experience in trauma recovery and the adult entertainment industry to create the modern and client-centred programme that is Body Rec.


Her work is centred around the idea that healing is about more than 'surviving' or 'recovering', is it about thriving.


Esther helps her clients find their perfect path to healing, understanding there is no right way for everyone.

You can find out more about Body Reclamation at https://www.estherdelaford.com

Connect with Esther on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/EstherDeLaFordWriter
or Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/estherdelaford

G34 Buddha Magic
C74 Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre
F4 Casada
C78 Champissage, Facelift Massage, KV Foot Massage
C8 College of Naturopathic Medicine
B76 Colour Flow Active Wear
F42 Colour Personality Analysis
D34 Conscious Chocolate
G44 Cordial Mixologist

Keep calm and drink a mocktail.

Anika, the Cordial Mixologist, is on a soul mission to change the perceptions around not drinking alcohol and delivering excellent bar service towards those that do not want to drink.

Come over to our bar at the show and let us entertain you with top notch hospitality and carefully crafted mocktails. Vegan friendly, low sugar and focus on quality ingredients.

100% fun and flavour. 0% hangover. 


B20 Cosmoetica

Cosmoetica is a line of organically certified and natural cosmetic products, there are seven products in all. Our most popular product from this line is MiBuena Cream, a powerful antioxidant cream based on olive oil, bees wax and birch sap as well as a careful selection of mineral and plant based extracts. we also have two other creams for the face and neck and for the body as well as three lotions and MiSol which is a local action arnica spray to help the skin recover from trauma.

A32 Crystal Connections by Adam Barralet
G26 Crystal Singing Bowls
F8 CW Hemp

Charlotte's Web offers non-psychoactive, non-addictive, 100% non-GMO cultivated hemp plants combined with botanical blends in oil, capsules, and topicals as well as our CW Paws line for dogs.

E16 DAN ROX Crystals and Stones

Based in the beautiful county of Devon, Dan Rox was established in Exeter in 2015, we will be bringing Dan Rox to London for the first time in 2018; were very excited to be sharing our passion with you all

We are going to be bringing a wide range of crystals and stones, sourced from around the world

Handpicked by #TeamRox, Spheres, Lingam, Angels, Points, Wands, Tumbles, Pendulums & Raw Pieces.

We are also now stocking Chakra Tuning Forks & Crystal Tuners


Why not visit us on Facebook or Instagram - DanRoxCrystalShop

Or our brand new website www.danroxcrystals.co.uk


We look forward to seeing you all

Daniel & Adam Neale

LF1 Dance Walk London
B28 Dekhomai
B64 Discover The Work You Were Born To Do
C4 Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan
D8 DMT Light Therapy

Time to Light up your Life! We specialise in therapies using the Ajna Light and associated devices for achieving deep altered states, healing and cognitive improvement. Come to Stand D8 and enjoy a taster session with the Ajna Light - a light device that can activate the pineal gland and induce a state of deep meditation. We will also have The Neuro LightNasal Light and Pyra Light devices available for demonstration.

You can find out all about these amazing devices at our website http://www.DMTLightTherapy.com

E42 Dogs Trust
F38 DOTERRA - Essential Oils
G16 Drum Your Dreams

Drums, rattles, incense and other items related to shamanism

F32 Eastern Adornment
A30 Egyptian Chambers

 Egyptian Chambers offers Authentic Egyptian Oils for Men and Women, Exclusive glass Oil burners and Egyptian Statues all from Egypt.

F36 Elspeth's Kitchen - Artisan Desserts
E44 energydots

energydots counteract the harmful energy emitted by wireless & electronic equipment; supporting better sleep, a clearer mind, focus, fewer headaches and an overall feeling of boundingly colourful, wonderful energy!

C30 Equinox Astrology
F18 Equinox Kombucha
C36 Essential Designs London
A38 Fiona Radman - Intuitive
A6 Floweressence CGH & Clare G Harvey

Flower Essences by Clare G Harvey, international Expert, Author & Harley St Consultant

Unique & ancient Aboriginal system of medicine honouring the vitality & theraputic qualities of Flower Essences of Australia,  as effective emotional & physial healers (Echo Cert Organic) Jaguar Shamanic Essences, Flowers of The Orient DNA Kits & Sound Essences, Spirit of Beauty Natures Skincare with essences from the Amazon Jungle.

A22 Forever Living Products
F6 G&G Vitamins

G&G Vitamins are a family owned supplement manufacturer's based in the countryside of West Sussex. We produce over 120 high quality, non-GMO supplements, which are encapsulated for enhanced absorption. We have an ever-growing range of vegan and organic certified products, and strictly avoid use of unnecessary chemicals, excipients, binders and unnatural fillers. Check out our range of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and protein on our website, at www.gandgvitamins.com.

C73 GAIA Handmade Fabrics

I would like to reintroduce beautiful handmade, traditionally crafted products back in to our modern-fast world and remind people of high quality, which can be achieved using natural ingredients that at the same time won’t harm our planet!
I buy ONLY handmade, traditionally crafted items from local Tribes, living in remote villages in the depths of the jungle or in the mountains. The reason it will be me purchasing the items is because I didn’t want to go through a third party as my aim was to offer these people fair price, so that they can earn decent money and will hopefully encourage them to keep this beautiful craft in their culture.
I hope that people around the world will fall in love with the purity of these products, handmade from hemp, cotton, silk and dyed using only natural methods, for example from an INDIGO plant, like I did.


Follw us on:

Instagam #gaiahandmadefabrics

Facebook @gaiahandmadefabrics

C58 Gem Enchantment
F34 Georganics Ltd
C18 Gousto

Gousto – quality recipe boxes to make home cooking simple (and tasty!) 


A2 Greenpeace
A12 happiful
B32 Happy Dragon Arts
A18 Happy Glastonbury
B12 Harley Therapy
Harley Therapy has over the last 12 years built a reputation of matching individuals with the highest quality therapists in central London.


With a large roster of therapists working across 6 locations, we work to raise the emotional wellbeing of individuals and the standard of private therapeutic care.


We have recently launched HarleyTherapy.com - an online therapy marketplace with practice management system - that provides simple access to high quality and reliable therapists. This allows us to promote therapists outside of our own locations, enabling them to focus on helping even more clients.


Our vision is to put a positive spin on accessing quality help. It’s our belief that everyone can benefit from professional support - not only individuals with complex psychological conditions but people wishing to maximise their fulfilment in life. 

D20 Hay House
A48 Healing Crystals
D26 Healing Forest

Natural handmade body adornments, organic and sustainable, seeds from the Rainforest Amazon, Healing Wood, Stones, crystals 

All unique with healing benefits.

A20 Healing Interpretation & Mineral Analysis Of Hands
A46 Hempster

Hemp underwear, briefs and tops, shrits and tshirts.

CBD oils and pastes, capsules, CBG Oils, CBD Lip Balm and CBD Crystals

Hemp based cosmetics, massage gels, shower creams and creams

Hemp body wash cloths for exfoliating

Hemp eyewear: made wtih hemp/gold/silver arm handles

Hemp chocolate bars

Juice shots blended of several greens

LF Henna Inks

Henna is a form of celebration and thought to bring good fortune. The ritualistic art of applying Henna has been practiced for centuries in India, Africa, and the Middle East. Henna is temporary staining of the skin with intricate patterns that adorn the hands, arms and feet.

E58 Holistic Hub
B10 In the Moment Magazine
G52 inSpiral

Created in our London-based, solar powered, eco-factory our visionary creations are made with a passion for optimum nutrition alongside a dedication to sustainable production.

We are purveyors of dehydrated vegetable snacks and are well-known for our award-winning kale chips. We are passionate about creating products that are free from nasty additives and powered by innovative production processes and superfood ingredients. Each product we create is enhanced with superfoods and our newest product launch has even included live probiotic cultures for happy gut bacteria!

We are currently stocked in Holland & Barret, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Selfridges and many more…

Our philosophy of bringing compassion, inspiration and consciousness to our everyday diet is one that continues to flourish.

A40 International College of Oriental Medicine

Based in the south east, ICOM is the longest established Acupuncture training college in Europe, with a strong heritage and Alumni who play key roles within the profession.  We run a renowned Licentiate degree level course in Acupuncture, focusing on all the main forms, but with particular depth in Classical Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Our course offers several flexible study patterns including part time and weekend options.  


We are a small friendly college with small class sizes, and a great deal of personal attention paid to our students.  We have been commended by our professional body, and several external higher education agencies for the depth and quality of our teaching, clinical training and the student experience.  Our course is rigorously monitored, quality assured and professionally accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. 


We also serve our local community in our very busy onsite student training Clinic. Our Clinic offers a range of appointments at different prices for Acupuncture Treatments, Massage or Facial Enhancement Acupuncture with experienced senior therapists. Please come and see us and visit us at www.orientalmed.ac.uk



D14 Jung Shim
C24 Jung Shim

We offer energy treatments (acupressure based treatments) with its origins from South Korea. Given by specially trained energy practitioners, Chunsoo treatments are a first step to regaining physical energy and emotional wellbeing.

Practitioners use a unique combination of acupressure and sound to release deep rooted tension and knots from the body, whilst recharging your ‘human energy’.
Jung Shim teaches people how to thrive in today's world by tapping into their own 'human energy' source leading to a healthier and happier life.
A35 Jyorei - Japanese Spiritual Healing


E40 Karma 1 to 1 Spiritual Health


Karma 1 to 1 is a spiritual holistic health store that offers many services and products based around spiritual awareness. Our products cover a wide range covering; Aura mists, spiritually dressed candles, natural salt scrubs, body butters, spiritual herb teas, angelic herb baths and Incense which has been blended. 

On all purchases we offer a free 5 minute consultation. We also deliver a range of workshop on spiritual development. Please see website for more information. 

D22 Kijani Living


Kijani has over 23years experience within the natural and organics market, bringing the first natural brand into the UK in the 1990’s. At Kijani we pride ourselves on offering the best clean, natural and organic beauty, supplements and superfood products allowing our customers to live clean. Kijani is the online destination for the individual who looks for consciousness in cosmetics and who wants a healthy body and a happy mind. From the best natural and organics beauty brands to supplements and superfoods our team of experts are at your fingertips to help you live an inspiring and enjoyable life.

At Kijani we pride ourselves on offering consumers the best possible customer experience and support. Our products never ceases to amaze, and we have qualified dermatologists and nutritionists at your fingers tips to help you with product selection ensuring you have the best products for the best possible you.

Our Mission
‘Green Living’

Kijani Living represents Green Living, our mission is to provide every customer who looks for consciousness in cosmetics and who wants a healthy body and happy mind using natural and organic products. From the best natural and organic brands to wellness lifestyle tips, our team of experts make living green inspiring, enjoyable and achievable.

Our Ethos
‘Products that are safe for you, your family and your planet’

Kijani offer over 1500 individual products within the beauty, supplements and superfoods category. Before a product makes it into our catalogue, our expert panel of dermatologists and nutritionists test each product in terms of ingredients, origin, sustainability and effectiveness. We continuously aim to bring you exceptional products that are safe for you, your family and your planet.

A34 King Yoga

King Yoga is not just a theory - it is a living teaching that can change your life and the world.

King Yoga is what we call the spiritual path of The Aetherius Society, given by and through Master of Yoga Dr George King. King Yoga is threefold: service to others, spiritual teachings and self-development.

This path promises spiritual truth, realisation, higher forms of experience and most of all the greatest opportunities to help others and become enlightened. But you don't just believe in King Yoga - you experience it. london-temple.org

D2 Kirlian Photography - Aquavibe


A Kirlian reading can show you how your thoughts and intentions affect your flow of energy. Your energy fluctuates according to your state of being. The universal spirit, thoughts and consciousness are the drivers that direct your experience. A Kirlian photograph tells us how and what you are directing your energy at and what it is bringing into your life. This can be a conscious or unconscious focus of attention. A Kirlian conversation can help you see yourself in a new light. It can reveal areas that are the key to taking back your power and rediscovering your purpose. The Fullspectrum team have been reading Kirlian photographs for at the MBS for many years. Come and see us on Stand 10 and let us read your amazing Kirlian photograph. Magic happens in mysterious ways.


AQUAVIBE EXPERIENCE –  A Fusion of Science and the Senses     STAND D2

 Aquavibe creates a sensory saturation immersion that is experienced while lying fully clothed on a dry flotation platform positioned over a waterbed that contains a crystal trituration. Selected sound frequencies, transmitted through this water and crystal synergy, massage all the cells of the body. You can enjoy this extraordinary experience while listening to carefully crafted music and intriguing soundscapes that immerse you in a kaleidoscope of sound, light and vibration as a full spectrum of pure colour is gently pulsed though your open or closed eyes. As the senses become immersed in this full spectrum of light and sound a state of deep relaxation occurs. The frequencies embedded within the music release muscular tension while the fusion of sound and light induce a state of mindfulness and relaxation. While the attention is turned within, the senses get a rest from the external world allowing the mind and body to relax and reset.

F16 Kitty Kat Glitter
A10 Kleem
D45 L'Atelier d'Olivia - Paris (symbols & sacred geometry)

I am Olivia Braqueville, i'm a french designer . I create jewellery entirely designed and made in my little Parisian workshop, small collections but also unique and personalised jewellery on demand. I use the traditional technique of heating the enamel for flamboyant colours, joined to the elegance of the gold plated. Most of the pieces are designed and moulded, others are laser-cut. Once the piece is made and gilded, it is sanded to allow the enamel to stick perfectly after firing.
Everything around me is a source of inspiration. Travel, plants, animals, but also symbols with a strong energy, and sacred geometry. A high vibration jewellery for a higher consciousness and awakening.

Gold plated & silver jewelery , symbols & sacred geometry

- Flower of Life

- Sri Yantra

- Horus eye

- Scarabee

- 5 solids of Platon

- Protection hand

I also propose aquarel paintings, energetic sacred geometry , posters & post-cards

- egyptian cat zodiac

- Buddha & other ascended masters illustrations

D44 La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences


La Vie de la Rose is a women's healing collective and an award-winning flower essence company based in Michigan, USA. Our mission is to support the activation of the Divine Feminine in our society. Each one of our powerful tinctures is developed based on Dr. Nataleah's 30 years' of extensive research and experience in the field. Quality is at the heart of what we do. We use the best quality raw materials, including flowers grown in our chemical free, organically maintained flower farm. Our flower essences are hand crafted at our facility in Grand Rapids.

B70 Laura Mason Theta Healing
B68 Lava Artworks

Lava Artworks is a retailer of the finest Crystal Gemstones and Hindu Statues. Visit our website www.lavaartworks.co.uk

E66 LeBehr
G20 Leslie Fonteyne

Leslie Fonteyne is a transformational catalyst and energetic healer who clairvoyantly works with your energy systems to remove the blocks, fears, interferences and agreements that prevent you from stepping into love, abundance and joy. She reads your field then works in partnership with Ascended Masters, Archangels, light beings and healing teams to clear those blocks in your energy systems (fields, chakras, aura). She also channels messages to you from Spirit. The result may be a tangible sense of emotional and mental blockages being removed, a sense of lightness, a physical healing, a new clarity of vision, purpose and direction, a release of energy. Testimonials include an immediate release of blocks impeding abundance that have allowed clients to attract the finances, relationships and opportunities that are a match for their new energy. Sessions are recorded for you.

C32 Life Alignment
B16 Light Therapy Revolutions
B14 Litios Light Crystals
E14 Living Planet Distribution
D48 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo

At the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo we bring together people, ideas, products and possibility over a jam-packed 4 days to feast the mind and body and to deepen our connection to spirit. Next Expo: February  22, 23, 24, 2019  Exhibitor opportunities - Exhibitot Opprtunities - Early Bird Tickets - Livestream Passes - Discounted Travel Plans.  www.consciouslifeexpo.com Come to the party!

B42 Lucalily Pathogenics Ltd
E34 Lumina Jewellery
G12 Magic Clips
B80 Magickal Intentions
B48 Maitreya The World Teacher
D52 Max Mindpower
E62 Me and You
B40 Metamorphic Association

The Metamorphic Technique involves a gentle touch to specific areas on the feet, hands and head, found to reflect our gestation; the time when all the characteristics with which we live our life were established, while at the same time providing a space free from direction towards a particular outcome. It is an extraordinary approach to life, healing and transformation and can offer a context in which we can just be ourselves while at the same time pointing to the transformation that is always available to us; the movement from who we are now, to what we can be, and already are in potential. 

B54 Michelle Tuck Jewellery
F15 Miloko

Miloko is the ONLY Cocktail Milkfloat around. We usually specialise in White Russian Cocktails - three of our variations are vegan - but for Mind, Body, Spirit we will be serving up delicious fruity milkshakes for the weekend. Miloko is set out a beatifully converted 1960's Morrison Milk Float, and was built upon the ethos of combining great drinks with a love for music festivals and events! This is our first year trading and we are extremely excited about it! You can catch us at events all through summer, and if you are planning your own, please dont hesitate to come and chat with us at Mind, Body, Spirit! Miloko.

F46 Miss Malas

Traditionally handmade Mala necklaces and bracelet sets. Made from natural gemstones and silk in the UK. All the pieces are made with an intention to create a different energy around each and everyone of them and this can be felt as soon as you walk next to them. Come meet us and connect with jewellery and their creator.

E10 Modern Mystery School

Chakra Balancing

This mini session is designed to balance and align your chakras. In doing so you will be able to manifest and harness your power.


Life Activation 

The life activation is the first step into living a more fulfilled life. This gentle and effective healing will bring you into alignment with your purpose and amplify your connection to your higher self. It includes several energetic alignments designed to help you manifest what you truly desire and grant you a greater sense of peace within your mind, body, and spirit.



Emotional Cord Cuttings

There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present, through which people can “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-center.  The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects these emotional cords so you stop losing energy to other people.


Crystal Readings

This reading has been known to bring a great deal of clarity and healing to the receiver, while providing empowering guidance on the best course of action.

Twin reader crystals create a link between the reader and receiver, to give a deep insight into past, present and future energies that are affecting the receiver.


Crystal Rites 

Derived from an ancient text , these crystal blessings help to clear emotional patterns, old wounds, and bring in good fortune.

D16 Mycoppercup

Our products promote the health benefits associated with copper and the mindful consumption of water and food. This is done through mantra’s and prayers engraved on our products used in unison with the healing stones set in pure silver. Allowing us to form a deeper connection with the food and water we consume.

B2 Natural By Nature Oils
A26 Natural Self & Element Fitness
E24 Neal's Yard Remedies

Here at Neal's Yard Remedies we offer the worlds largest range of UK Soil Association certified Organic health and beauty products 💙


Pop along to see us at Stand E24 to sample some of our brand new products. You can also Fall in Love this Summer & register an account with a limited time offer of our £40 mini kit. 




F12 Nevsah
D42 New World Creations

Divinely inspired and handmade angelic and spiritually blessed creations such as sculptures and meditation beads used for healing and spiritual development as well as a focal tool during meditation.  Divine light angelic chakra healing also available as well as a free angel message with every sculpture purchased.  

D56 Nordic Wellbeing Ltd

Over 40 000 mattress toppers sold in Scandinavia. Endorsed by the Swedish Fibromyalgia Society.

Since October 2017 now availabel in the UK from Nordic Wellbeing Ltd. http://velloflex.uk

Improve your sleep, blood circulation, muscle and joint pains. 60 days satisfied customer money back guarantee!  


F26 Obey Your Body
G18 ONITANI Seelen - Musik (Switzerland)
G36 PandoraStar
C22 Parag's Reiki Hut
F10 Paula-Rose Handmade Crystal Energy Jewellery

Unique & beautiful handmade "Crystal Energy Jewellery" by Paula, Master Teacher in Crystal Healing & Reiki.  Paula hand selects all her crystals & gemstones, then lovingly transforms them into jewellery, infusing each piece with healing Reiki energy at Master level for your highest good. Wearing crystals is a beautiful way to experience their ‘magical’ healing energy … it's jewellery designed to help you feel good :)  

JEWELLERY WEBSHOP:  http://www.paularose.co.uk/shop.html  

MAIN WEBSITE: www.paula-rose.co.uk      REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS: https://www.paula-rose.co.uk/reviews.html

C38 Penny King Crystals

Handpicked quality crystals. Handmade sterling silver crystal jewellery. Handmade bespoke crystal Malas. Information on all crystal & Sound courses and workshops.

B72 Perfect Balance Retreats
E48 Poa Poa - Natural Skincare
D36 Pure Incense / Sundari Jewellery
B30 Quantum Balance Crystals
G48 Re-Uz London

At Re-Uz London, we design  a wide range of foldaway eco reusable bags, for the greatest practicality, making them ideal shopping carriers. Re-Uz is available in a large variety of patterns with new models and innovative designs every season. We have also launched our new range of jewellery designs and yoga mat bags.

E46 Real Remedies - Highly-tuned Herbal Infusions

Real Remedies serve up a range of highly-tuned Botanical Spirits, teas, tinctures and tonics. Their products use the plants as tools for attaining greater sensitivity, awareness and balance in our lives.

C42 Red Kite Flutes

Red Kite Flutes looks forward to welcoming old and new customers and friends to their stall selling beautifully crafted Native American style flutes made by the very talented Phil Hutton. We have price ranges to suit most pockets.  Lessons and demonstrations will be given by the equally talented Steve Cloudsong, Louise Hutton and Faye Bradbury, so come along and let us show you that everyone is able to play the flute. There is an immensely powerful healing aspect to the flute and it works beautifully in meditations. 

Louise, Mark and Steve are delighted to be joined again by our wonderful friend, Faye Bradbury who is the creative and spiritual heart of Faye Bradbury, Laughing Heart Drums. We are very happy to be stocking her powerful medicine/shamanic hand drums & rattles.  We will be demonstrating the synergy between flute and drum throughout the weekend and the healing power of sound vibration through both mediums.  We also stock beautiful Native American style crafts made by Steve Cloudsong and his beautiful CDs of both handpan and flute.  Steve will be playing on stage on Friday at 18:00, something not to be missed as he is very talented.  We are joined as always by the lovely Mark Ward, best friend to Phil and Louise and all round great guy :-)


We very much look forward to seeing you all again.

A4 Regenerative Health - Live Blood Analysis
E60 Relax Kids
B60 RG Aroma Diffusers & Humidifiers
C70 Rockpool Publishing

Rockpool Publishing creates high quality Mind Body Spirit books, Oracle Cards, and Health and Wellness titles from leading experts from around the world.   

This is the first time we will be selling directly to the public from our stand in the UK, and we are so excited to meet you and show off our latest and soon to be released products.  If you are an author or illustrator please introduce yourself or make an appointment with paul.dennett@rockpoolpublishing.com.au before the show begins.

To Follow us goto www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au or  www.facebook.com/rockpoolpublishing


The RSPB is the country’s largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life once again.

E2 Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

Refresh your mind, body and soul in Saint Lucia, an island that provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and wellbeing. This Caribbean gem is home to lush rainforests, the iconic Piton Mountains, soft sandy palm-fringed beaches, idyllic bays and picturesque waterfalls. With an abundance of activities to choose from including hiking, snorkelling, diving, yoga on the beach, mud bathing in the Sulphur Springs, kayaking, zip-lining and so much more, Saint Lucia will truly inspire you to achieve your full potential. Visit www.stlucia.org.

E52 Salty Lamps
B34 Santosa Yoga & Meditation
C12 Sarah Gregg
B74 Shimmering Light

Shimmering Light Therapies - is a holistic business offering Reiki and crystal healing treatments. We will be offering quick boosts over the bank holiday period. We will also have a range of crystals for sale - ranging from tumblestones, specimens, handmade crystal pendants and crystal packs.

All our treatments come with a consultation. We will share feedback and we will work together, to better you!

C60 Silverlining Coaching & Personal Development

Individual Coaching designed to support you to move towards your goals through transforming your perspectives,increasing your motivation, helping you to uncover your purpose, creatively supporting your personal development and realigning your self-belief.  Silverlining Coach will support you to breakdown barriers, look at your values and use this to pursue your aspirations in any area of your life.

As an Akashic Healer, I will help you to connect to your records, download the information you require to help you to heal the past, transform your future and bring about an aspirational change to the outlook on your life.  The Akashic information will help you to heal, release, grow and develop your connection to the spiritual power within and progress on your life's journey.  

Through both one to one Coaching and Intuitive Coaching I will support you on your life's Journey and work with you to lovingly fulfill your life's purpose and gain a true insight into your spiritual power.

C28 Six Wings - Angel Energy

Six Wings provides a holistic wellbeing coach able to support your education, career and personal development goals. Utilising a unique ‘pick and mix’ approach, clients are able to block book wellbeing support from a menu including solution focused hypnotherapy, reconnection healing, seraphim blueprint spiritual technology and aspirations coaching. Support is also provided for young people and students who may be struggling with key stage transition or academic pressures.

D18 SkinNinja
Driven by the Founder’s own battle with Skin Cancer, Jo Osborne has created a free app that enables consumers to discover what health concerns (such as Contact Allergens and Carcinogens) are in our skincare, cosmetics and personal care products.
“There was no simple way for me to avoid cancer-causing ingredients in my skincare. Even if it’s just a small amount, I’m entitled to know about it, so I built my own solution.”
SkinNinja matches world leading expert evidence (including The International Agency for Research on Cancer and The World Allergy Organisation ), to over 200k ingredients, across 800k products . The UK’s most comprehensive database (and growing).
G2 Soothe

Soothe is the world's largest and fastest-growing on demand massage service, bringing the healing power of massage to your home, office, or hotel in as little as an hour. 

We will provide chair massages during the show so that we can help you relax, anytime and anywhere


B52 Soul Healing Miracles
C44 Spirit of Amber

Spirit Of Amber provide a variety of handmade unique Baltic Amber healing properties aged 60-80 million years old.

G30 Spirit Visions

Unique tribal fusion clothing, flags & throws and books, oracle decks & CDs by Barbara & Flavia 

B22 Spiritual Planet



C56 Stable House

Handmade Natural & Organic Bathroom Cosmetics

A28 Starseeds School And Sanctuary

Dear Star-Seeds, Star-Beings, Elementals, Angels, Etherial, Empaths, Highly Sensitive, 5th Dimension Beings, Earth-Seeds and Light-Workers from all walks of life,

Welcome Home!


You were looking for Home, and now you've found us.

We are here to enliven each other mind, to expand our circle of friends, build new relationships, learn more from each other, practice, socialise, and build a UNITY of smart and engaged beings who share the same interests.

We have a rich programme of talks, workshops, meditation practice classes with cultural events to follow. We even have our very own writing classes (our latest addition)! As so many of us are opening up to our knowledge we are to bring forward and share with the others, that we are now facilitating our writing practice too in addition to supporting and developing our own gifts..

This meet-up group is 'worldwide' as we run events on-line (in addition to London based events) every other Sunday as well, and we stay in touch with each other via our Face Book Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Starseeds.School/members/) as well (also a new addition).

A bit of history:

Starseeds School And Sanctuary first started many many years ago running pop-ups evenings in Central London. The School was founded by Olga Star, moonlighting from day job as a celebrity relationship expert (known in the media as Olga Levancuka).

As our students progress, some continue on their own journey and some stay with the school and teach here as well.

Please join with an open mind and good vibes. No judgement here.

We are all teachers and students at the same time.

Lots of love,
Olga Star (http://claircognizant.etsy.com), Enra Gollard Abele Rosewood (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GollardAndAbele) and Steve Bradley.






itunes Starseed.Sanctuary

E22 Stephanie J King - Soulpreneur
C76 Stepping out of the MATRIX

Stepping out of the MATRIX

Return to Unity Consciousness with Diana Jaritz


A14 StoneAge
F22 SugaVida

From the home of the world’s most nutritious natural sugar, SugaVida’s award- winning Turmeric Lattes are bursting with remarkable health benefits. Master blended by Ayurvedic doctors and available in 3 delicious varieties, unleash the healing powers of turmeric!

D50 SuperGenuis Life
C54 Terapia
G14 The Brennan Institute
B24 The College of Psychic Studies
D54 The Crystal Matrix

As above

C50 The Guided 3

The Guided 3

Law of Attraction & Manifesting Coach - Sarah Morgan

Spiritual Psychic Medium - Katie Helliwell

Source Energy Guide - Olivia Ocana

In 2017, all three women finally listened to their inner voices and let the universe guide them towards their soul purposes. Now, having already helped thousands globally in a few short months, they are joining forces as The Guided 3.

Each formerly from the corporate world, Sarah, Katie and Olivia, individually and now also collectively, are focused on helping millions to live on purpose, from a place of alignment, joy and passion.


G6 The Handbook for 21st Century Mums & Dads

 G6: I will be selling and signing 'The Handbook for 21st Century Mums and Dads ' for 'More happiness - less stress' in family life.

You are welcome to come have a chat about your children - I have a child friendly stand with colouring and books.

Free Draw for a 6 Step Phone Consultation or a copy of my new book '6 Steps for Easing Anxiety, Autism...... and other brain differences', being published next year. 

Free Touchable Bubbles for children whilst stocks last!

Using cushioning rather than control' is my latest blog, written to support parents taking children to places ike dentists or hospitals that may be frightening for them:    https://www.facebook.com/pg/felicity21evans/posts/ 

For further information visit:   www.felicityevans.co.uk

C64 The Henna Den Incense Shop

Specialists in hand made incense sticks, resins and Sacred Stones.

G8 The Hypnotherapy Training Company

Visit HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company at this year's Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, and learn how you can become a professional hypnotherapist, either as a full time (well paying) career, or perhaps as a part time money earner, or simply for you to use to help improve yourself.

B26 The Jesus Experience

Free prayer to the Messiah Jesus and free literature inviting you to know your Creator!

C52 The Knowledge Book
F2 The Little Tibet

The Little Tibet is a platform for indigenous Himalayan craftsman to showcase their work of passion for long term sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing. Places such as Tibet, Nepal, India, Kashmir, have been our universe and our admiration.

We are specialised in luxury textiles, offering a fine balance between the ethnic styles with a luxurious touch. The classic silk pashmina have been our best seller. Available in multi-colour or two-tone reversible styles, they are ideal for both personal uses and gifts. Other key Tibetan products include hand-loomed yak wool shawls, singing bowls, beaded jewellery and etc. Cashmere range and Kantha hand-stitching jackets are the 2018 highlights. Our products are specially propagated with stories and real human touch; all materials are locally produced and handcrafted.

F30 The Owl & The Apothecary

At The Owl & The Apothecary, we draw inspiration from the Dorset countryside, ancient rituals, and our love of living well to create unique wild & wonderful experiences. We handcraft ritual kits, candles & wellbeing products using natural herbs and organic essential oils, and charge them with high-vibe energy to bring you a beautiful, balanced & blessed experience. Our cosy & creative workshops are a unique blend of wild know-how and practical how-to designed to help you align person, place and purpose.

D32 The Third Testament
A16 The Violet Flame
A52 The Zen Shop
Gorgeous, colourful parasols to add brightness to any therapy centre or just to make your personal space delightful
Available from £15-£25
Zen kits 
Our amazing range of 'How To' kits are made by Zen especially for you! Each kit comes with instructions. We offer: Hows to meditate, How to sleep easy, how to balance, how to perform a moon wish and how to manifest love. Only £10 each! 
Cotton throws
Large selection of king size cotton throws in esoteric and spiritual designs. £15 each or special show offer 2 for £25. 

Indian bags
Unique selection of handmade Indian bags in a huge selection of designs. From £10-£15
Crystal Jewellery
Selection of pendants on waxed cord and bracelets. Any 3 for just £10
Copper vessels for drinking 
Copper is known for stimulating the brain, killing bacteria, regulating the thiroid gland, skin health, arthritis and inflamed joints. From £4.50 - £20
Wide range of Nag champa and high quality Indian incense available. £1.50 each or 4 for £5. 
Crystal Ganeshas and angels 
Beautiful hand carved special crystal carving. Individually priced from £10
Mandala beads, wooden and crystal 
Rosewood and crystal meditation Kala beads from £6.95-£20 
Dream catchers 
Hand made in Bali dream catchers from £2.50-£15
Sacred geometry lighting 
Handmade and unique to Zen sacred geometry lights. Cast beautiful patterns around your home and therapy centre. £45
Moroccan lanterns and tea light holders 
Stunning range of Verdi Gris and copper effect lanterns and tea light holders. From £5-£20
Chakra candles 
Essential oil chakra candles in full range of chakra colours. Show offer £12.50 each. (burn time: 100 hours) 
C19 Thrive By Le Vel
Helping people live the life they deserve Physically with the THRIVE Product line, and Financially by promoting THRIVE and the THRIVE 8 Week Experience.
Le-Vel: The Premium Lifestyle Company, and the world's only Premium Lifestyle Product Line - THRIVE. http://Le-Vel.com & http://IndustryShift.com
#1 Ranked Rewards Plan
#1 Ranked Car Plan
#1 Ranked Startup 2014
Most Unique Product - Derma Fusion Technology
Most Innovative Business Model - Cloud Technology Infrastructure
The THRIVE Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. You're going to live, look,... See More
Advertising/Marketing · Health & Wellness Website · Vitamins/Supplements
Le-Vel Cloud Technology -
The Le-Vel Cloud Management system is the most state of the art, most efficient, and the most lucrative operations infrastructure system ever. It allows Le-Vel to operate with the lowest corporate overhead and yet have one of the fastest response and problem solving operating systems in the market. It allows for efficient manageability with fast pace growth solutions.
The Brand : Brand Philosophy -
Le-Vel was created and envisioned with a greater purpose, a premium plan. This plan is not to create a product, or a product line, but to build a global brand, a new icon. A brand that encompasses ultra premium products: premium product lines. The new brand, for the better lifestyle, premium-seeking consumers.
THRIVE Product Line -
Thrive is a premium formula and a premium approach to your daily lifestyle. From years of experience, science, and perfecting, THRIVE is the only premium lifestyle product line of its kind. THRIVE is about reaching for more and achieving more with your daily routine. Formulated for everyone who's thriving for the ultimate daily lifestyle. Our all natural, premium formula of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids is the first and only Ultra Premium Formula ever developed. Live more, be more, experience more, THRIVE for more.
THRIVE 8 Week Experience -
The THRIVE Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. You're going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before! Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can slightly differ for everyone – depending on which areas of your lifestyle need the most help – and depending on your 8 week goal. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, we know the THRIVE 8 Week Experience will get you THRIVIN' in all areas of your life! Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits in the areas of:
> Weight Management > Cognitive Performance
> Digestive & Immune Support > Joint Support
> Lean Muscle Support > Calms General Aches & Discomforts > Age Defying & Antioxidant Support
What People are Saying -
Thousands of people are enjoying the benefits of Le-Vel Physically & Financially. Check out what they're saying. 
LV Rewards -
We're proud to have the industry's #1 Rewards Plan. Our aggressive and innovative compensation plan is designed to cater to the average person just getting started while also offering great rewards to seasoned professionals.
The LV Life -
The LV Life is about living a Premium Lifestyle... One that is enjoyed by both Le-Vel Customers and Promoters alike. The Le-Vel brand represents a culture of premium product lines, cool rewards, recognition, getaways, and exciting events.
A true ultra premium lifestyle is a blend of freedom, family, financial gain, and achieving a new level in life... The LV Life!
Founded on July 1, 2012
C16 Tides Turn
G17 traceecullen.com

Tracee Cullen - High Dimension Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator  www.traceecullen.com

  • High Dimension - ONLINE Groups, Classes, Workshops & Courses
  • LIVE Events & Spiritual Retreats (Since 2011) - Glastonbury, Wales, Devon, Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka
  • High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme (HDA&HP) - Self Transformation.. Finding You.. Empowerment for Self & Unity.
  • High Dimension Callling.. Follow your Passion - Live the Life you Choose.
  • High Dimension Meditation.
  • Online Sacred Space - www.highdimensionportal.traceecullen.com
  • Website - for Online Booking & Information www.traceecullen.com
E12 TraceyAsh.com
C46 Transform By Light

Transform by Light offer a menu of inspired spirit encounter options. Find out about the new Heart to Heart deck, discover the hidden messages in your dreams, revelation readings, healing encounter prayer and much more....
Facebook: Heart to Heart  (Heart Cards Deck) &  Transform by Light   email: transformedbylight@gmal.com

C62 TurnOn Britain

TurnOn Britain is a wellness and lifestyle company providing courses and mindfulness practices, in particular Orgasmic Meditation OM, that improve wellbeing, focus, emotional intelligence, connection and fullfillment. Our mission is to help people reach their highest potential through living in a flow state, a state based in connection.

C72 UNIVERSAL LAMBDOMA - Micromusic & Resonance

Natural harmony is the fundamental law of the universe, the universe has its inherent fixed frequency of vibration, sound, light associated with the large universe of small universe, the most direct and effective way, sound, light synchronization but also said that the future of human civilization and scientific and technological evolution of hope . We uphold this concept we developed a series of products, live demonstrations of high-tech Lambdoma wisdom keyboard, Lambdoma resonance spectrum analyzer, audio and synchronous optical chip, mass-energy converter board, sound synchronized light oils. 

The Wuji Necklace & Microchip:

Five Elements(Wuxing), Miracle, Protection, Freedom

Resonance Apparatus of the 12 Main Meridians

The Essential Oil of Synchronized Micromusic and Aural Light Information:

Wuxing, Miracle, Protection, Freedom

The Resonance Apparatus of the Solar System

G1 the Earth, Sun, and Moon, G2 Wuxing(the five elemants), G3 distant planets, G4 the Solar System, Lambdoma's of the Resonance Apparatus of Earth


D46 Valentte London

Our own range of Organic Home Fragrance and Natural Skincare all made by ourselves in the UK.

E32 Vita-Mix

Vitamx True - High Performace Blenders.

Whether you're intrested in making, healtier choices or enjoying resturant-quality food at home, making better tasting blends with Vitamix.


We would like to showcase two shoes in both mens and womens. The images are able to be found in the links given.








The Ultra 3 is our amphibious shoe perfect for adventures on land and sea. The lightweight hexagon upper design is breathable, non absorbent and drains water easily. The new hex grip outsole made with sticky rubber gives you all that good underfoot feeling, flexibility and incredible wet and dry traction. Now made using algae based BLOOM foam which offers the first sustainable alternative to the synthetic and petrochemical EVA prevalent in today's market. Using algae biomass helps offset the significant use of petroleum ingredients found in conventional flexible foams.






Primus is our lightest and leanest barefoot exercise shoe, discover natural movement and put your feet in control for every road run, walk and workout. The unlined vegan upper and super-thin sole lets you train hard while working on your technique.




Primus is our lightest and leanest barefoot exercise shoe, discover natural movement and put your feet in control for every road run, walk and workout. The unlined vegan upper and super-thin sole lets you train hard while working on your technique.




The Ultra 3 is our amphibious shoe perfect for adventures on land and sea. The lightweight hexagon upper design is breathable, non absorbent and drains water easily. The new hex grip outsole made with sticky rubber gives you all that good underfoot feeling, flexibility and incredible wet and dry traction. Now made using algae based BLOOM foam which offers the first sustainable alternative to the synthetic and petrochemical EVA prevalent in today's market. Using algae biomass helps offset the significant use of petroleum ingredients found in conventional flexible foams.

G10 Vybra Solutions
B36 WildWood

Visit the stand to learn more about ONStellar - the world's fist decentralised Social Media Platform buil on blockcin technology. Foused on the extraordinary, the porfond and the metaphisics, find out how to stream revenue through curating contents, and sell products and services with ONStellar's very own digital currency. 

B18 Wishes - Holistic Centre



Join us at stand B18 for Gorgeous, Hand Selected Crystals including over 100 variety of tumble stones, and Genuine Gemstone Jewellery as well as:

Luxurious Electric Diffusers and Tisserand Essential Oils

The Mountain T shirts - Organic Cotton, Organic Dyes and they're Hand Printed! Seconds only £6 each or 2 for £10 

Satya Incense - a full range of Temple Grade, Natural Incense sticks including the all time favourite Nag Champa. 

Cauldrons, smudge, frankincense, gridding mats and more! 

We will also be showcasing our spiritual well-being retreats in Devon and events, including our Sound Journey with Sika! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

E4 Women's Sensor Technology Fertility Bracelet

Ava makes it easy for a woman to gain a profound and accurate understanding of her cycle and health — empowering her to make informed choices for your life. At Ava we believe every woman deserves greater control over her wellbeing, and the tools to maximize her physical and emotional potential. Ava’s cycle tracker is primarily used by women who are trying to conceive [TTC]. Ava is also used by women who wish to better understand your cycle; typically as an aid to family planning. Ava is worn overnight and during sleep its sensors collect data on nine different physiological parameters. Ava’s algorithm then detects the fertile window in real time, allowing for accurate fertility predictions with minimal user involvement. Unlike other cycle monitoring methods, Ava also provides information about a user's general health, including sleep, physiological stress, resting pulse rate, and breathing rate.

D6 Woodland Trust
E6 Yoga Masti

Yogamasti sells unique yoga and holistic wear for men and women. New lines added, teachers welcome

We do equipment accessories and outer layers too. come amnd visit us at stand E 6

Excellent show discounts!

C20 Yogi Tea
E26 Young Living presented by TEAM ENJOY

Essential Oils, Diffusers, Nutrional Supplements, Hydrogize Water Bottle, tips for using essential oils