Alchemy of Sound at the London Wellbeing Festival

Alchemy of Sound

Alchemy of Sound - Hosted by Anne Malone, the Alchemy of Sound offers a sanctuary of peace and calm. Meditation sessions and immersive sound experiences are hosted by top names in the field. Sessions are free.

Friday 24 May

11:00 Anne Malone

Mantra Magic

Sing your Heart into Bliss as Anne guides you in the Art of Letting Go to your Heart Song - we were all born to sing - so let's Shine!!

12:00 Jason Kalidas

Sound Healing With Indian Raagas

13:00 Tori Lewis

Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing

Tori will take you on a yoga nidra journey deep into your body wisdom, melting into cosmic womb consciousness in deep relaxing meditation

14:00 Mr & Mrs Brilliant

Mr & Mrs Brilliant

Surfing on SoundWaves. Come, see what’s so brilliant about Mr & Mrs Brilliant. The most BRILLIANT SoundMedicine in the world

15:00 Vishwam Heckert

Heart Opening Divine Kirtan

Join Matt Fox from Bournemouth Community Kirtan in chanting the Divine Names and opening to Love Itself.

16:00 Alley Cat Amethyst

Sound Safari Journey

A sound healing fusion, where ethereal electronic meets tribal shamanic, taking you on a mystical safari through the jungles of your inner world

17:00 Natali Shaked

Free Your Voice

Your voice is your unique sonic thumbprint. Together we'll release in to the gifts connecting to your voice can offer.

Saturday 25 May

11:00 Anne Malone

Morning Meditation ... Greet the Day with Sound n Song ...

Greet the day with joyful Sound Meditation and Mantra - we will journey deep into our Heart Song & rise up in Joyful Mantra Song to greet the day!

12:00 Belinda Matwali

Electronic Music Sound Meditation

A uniquely transformative experience combining electronic sounds, breathing exercises and movements to allow you to go deep into yourself.

13:00 Jezney & Sasha Hollis

Hollistic Restoration Soundscape

A restorative session bathing in the incredible healing frequencies of sound, guiding you in a journey of self-awareness.

14:00 Otto Sound Therapy

Accessing Higher Intelligence with Drum and Overtoning Journey

In a Trance state, Otto uses the power of his Voice and Drum to help you access a Higher Intelligence.

15:00 Marc JB

The Meaning Of Life & Joyful Living Meditation

Journey with Marc for this powerful healing meditation based on his seminal new book. Align to love, truth & spirit.

16:00 Welford Wellbeing

Chill Pill (Reiki Activated Gong Bath)

Get the benefits of meditation without the usual effort. (Sound) Wave goodbye to your modern woes with this healing sound journey.

17:00 Lucyne Jade


Lucyne is a musician, breathworker and shamanic healer. She is deeply inspired by ancient mantras combined with english lyrics and uplifting harmonies. Come and sing with your heart wide open!

Sunday 26 May

11:00 Anne Malone

Mantra Magic

Sing your heart out, let your voice shine as you share your Heart Song in the loving embrace of Mantra Magic ... we are One Voice, One Love, One Song

14:00 Michelle Cade

Sound Journey

A journey of sound including singing bowls, tuning forks, rain sticks, ocean & buffalo drum, tongue drum, voice and essential oils.

16:00 Louise Shiels

Heart Opening Sound Journey

A sound journey with ROSE to release emotional, physical and energetic blocks and help us live fearlessly in our hearts.

17:00 Fabio Garces

Sound Meditation by Sonic Enchantment

Monday 27 May

11:00 Siri Sadhana Kaur

Mantra in Motion

Ancient yogic mantras are a transformative tool for health and healing. Through mantra we can experience a power and transformative quality that enriches and uplifts heart, mind and soul.

12:00 Katia Mayen

Sacred Sound

Connect to your heart and let the beautiful vibrations of sacred instruments and soothing chants take you on a meditative, relaxing and restorative journey.

13:00 Anne Malone

Oasis of Sound

Relax into the gentle sound of Singing Bowls, Rainstick, Drum and Voice as Anne takes you on a Journey into the Heart of Sound ...

14:00 Gavin Frank & Siobhan Swider

Sound Infusion

Siobhan and Gavin will offer a sound bath using voice, crystal bowls, gong and an array of instruments to soothe the soul.

15:00 Kleem

Sacred Chants with Kleem

Come and dive into transcendence with sacred mantras and meditation - letting you connect to the moment with sound

15:00 Raff

MEYA Mind Journeys

A modern approach to meditation, fusing ancient teachings, sacred sounds and the latest discoveries in neuroscience. A unique immersive experience leveraging the power of music and sound frequencies.

16:00 Regina Martin

Rhythm and Mantras

The liberating experience of rhythms and mantras, to raise the heart beat and uplift the spirit in a space of togetherness.