Ceremony Space

Ceremony Space

The Ceremony Space is a deliciously decorated cosmic womb, lovingly hosted and curated by Kwali Kumara with a huge variety of intimate ceremonial based experiences. Whenever you need to take time out from the excitement of the festival enjoy this FREE sanctuary to relax and recharge. Dive into this melting pot of magical offerings and enjoy an array of different sacred circles and intimate ceremonial based experiences.

Friday 24 May

10:30 Rita Lotus

11:11 Ascension

Violet flame invocation guided meditation with singing bowls. Shamanic journey with elements: earth, fire, water and air. Reconnecting to earth mother by shifting awareness to a higher state of consciousness.

11:45 Thomas Bjorge

Aura Modelling

Aura Modelling - use your aura to attract what you want and to influence and co-create your reality.

13:00 Lotus Flower

Guided Meditation with Sound Healing

Guided meditation which incorporates sound healing with crystal bowls, instruments and singing

14:15 Elaina Conneely

Akashic Wealth Streaming - Activate Your Grace

Engage with your Akashic record and experience your Soul’s Gift of Grace and lighten your load for the journey ahead.

15:30 Dirish Shaktidas

Shakti Dance Ceremony

Shakti Dance Ceremony is the intersection between the movement, mantra, and meditation. With this unique and joyful body/ mind/ soul connection, you will tune to your natural frequency. Open to all.

16:45 Tori Loo

Womb Healing Ceremony

Using guided meditation Tori will lead you deep into your cosmic womb consciousness and body wisdom. A profoundly relaxing process. 

18:00 Adil & Maria Love

Embracing the Shadow

Through meditation we will seek out the forgotten, neglected and rejected parts of ourselves, welcoming them back in flowing embrace.

Saturday 25 May

10:30 Kwali Kumara

Vibrate Your Truth

Activate the upper glandular system and rebalance the vissudha with the sacred technology of kundalini yoga, mantra and gong meditation.

11:45 Maren Lander

So the Fire of the Goddess May Burn On - Women's Circle

A celebration of the wild Sacred Feminine and the magical power of your womb through medicine songs, sound medicine and Shamanic journeying. We are calling all sisters to unite!

13:00 Amenti

Awakening the Sacred Heart in the Halls of Amenti - Sacred Soul Light Sound Journey

Join Amenti the Awakener on this Multi Dimensional, Sonic Soul Journey to AWAKEN The 3Fold Flame of Divinity within your Sacred Heart. Enter the Halls of Amenti for The Weighing of the Heart and Activation of the Sacred Heart- the key to anchoring the '5D' consciousness.

14:15 Pixi Pete

Cacao Dance of Manifestation

Open a door way to your heart and your inner self with Cacao and Dance your intention into your life.

15:30 Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Walking with the Ancestors

Through the power of the drum, journey to the cave of the Ancestors to connect with your past lives.

16:45 Flavia Kate Peters


Activate your connection with the Archangels, through sacred sprays and crystals in order to receive healing, guidance, peace and purpose.

18:00 Shakti Sundari

Initiation into Self-Sovereignty

An embodied ceremony of empowerment and self-reclamation, for all, who hear the call to step into their sovereignty.

Sunday 26 May

10:30 Nici Phoenix

How to stop thinking with your heads start thinking with your heart.

Nici Phoenix will introduce you to a morning ritual ceremony using crystalline energy to help you think with your heart.

11:45 Lydija M Rosati

Heal Your Money Story

Get practical tools and become a manifestation maven. Heal your money story and start living the life you deserve!

13:00 Vanya Silverten

Awakening Love & Abundance

To live a completely fulfilling life you awaken to love & abundance - body mind and soul. Be guided to clear your past so that you can manifest your desires.

14:15 Lakis Chrysanthou

Sacred Heart Journey

Lakis guides you on a transformational journey, infusing energy medicine, meditation and sound for profound emotional healing of the heart.

15:30 Patrick Zeigler

All Love Sekhem

All Love Sekhem is an Initation experience that opens the heart to a divine Love energy awakening.

16:45 Elaina Conneely

Akashic Wealth Streaming - Your Future Soul Self

Access your Akashic record's future possibilities and activate your Soul's Gift of Courage to navigate your way forward. 

18:00 Cate Mackenzie

The Art of Presence with Cate Mackenzie

Come and learn how to relax into a deep connection with your heart through listening to yourself and another person.

Monday 27 May

10:15 Maren Lander

Your Inner Healer: a Shamanic journey

Discover your inner healer through connecting with the energy of Mother Earth, the potent medicine of nurture and self love. A journey into your own creative garden, a magical place for self healing.

11:30 Siri Sadhana Kaur

Welcoming Soul Home

Through soulful celebration, ritual and song and movement, we will weave and honor ceremony to connect to our deepest essence.

12:45 Kwali Kumara

Serenade Your Sun

Ignite your internal fire to activate your Manipura and Harness your personal power with kundalini yoga, Meditation and Gong relaxation.

14:00 Antarma

Antarma Shares Meditation Celebration

Feel Uplifted and Cleansed Universal Peace Mantra Heart Opening Gentle songs Ecstatic Dance to African Brazilian Djembe Rhythms!

15:00 Grenville Williams

All Love Sekhem

This dynamic and experiential ceremony is where the Sekhem Heart Initiation happens spontaneously and touches all levels of your being, bringing an awakening to the spiritual heart and a deep integration of our source soul body to our physical body. During the ceremony you will experience a strong body and cellular vibration, intense emotional release and mental clarification.

16:15 Sarah Jane

Time to Connect with Yourself and Release

Sarah-Jane takes you on a energy healing journey connecting with your inner you , Clearing of your energetic fields & blocks bringing you balance peace & harmony