Ceremony Space

Ceremony Space

Making its London Debut, this magical space will be hosted by Kwali Kumara and Pashet. The Ceremony Space will focus on intimate ceremony based experiences.

Friday 25 May

10:45 Kwali Kumara


Kundalini mantra and meditation ceremony to invoke vibrations of love and ecstasy followed by the sacred sound vibrations from the Venus and symphonic gongs.

12:00 Lunar Oniyari

Return To Tradition: Feed Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Eating healthy is not a trend, it is a return to tradition. Together we reconnect to nature and our ancestors' wisdom to learn the healing and medicinal benefits of foods.

13:00 Lera Zujeva

Tea Ceremony

Through connecting to Tea as a Plant Medicine and immersing into all our senses we will let Tea work its magic on us.

14:30 Lidija Rosati

Heal Your Money Story

Transform your money story and be done with being poor. Get practical tools that can turn into a powerful attractor. Learn the art of hustling gently that money loves.

15:45 Tori

Womb Awakening Ceremony

Tori will lead you on a journey into the temple of your body, and the cosmic womb; a fountain of ancestral, embodied wisdom.

17:00 Pashet Arte

Intuitive Art Ceremony

Enhance your intuition with a meditative art session, diving into your core to draw out the patterns of encoded sensation.

18:15 Sarah Bladen

Tantric Healing Ceremony

Experience a tantric journey into greater self awareness and expansion with dynamic shaking, conscious breathwork and relaxing yoga nidra

Saturday 26 May

10:30 Siri Sadhana Kaur

welcoming soul home ceremony

Through soulful celebration, ritual and song, we will weave and honor ceremony to connect to our deepest essence

11:45 Rebekah Shaman

Shamanic Journey

Journey deep within to visit your wise woman within to hear the inner messages of your heart and find the answers, clarity and guidance you are seeking.

13:15 Lisa Fearon

Cacau Ceremony

Lisa is The Chocolate Coach. This Cacao ceremony integrates life-coaching techniques, deep meditation and visualisation to gain insight and clarity towards manifesting exciting life transformations!

14:30 Barbara Meklejohn-Free

Ancestral Healing Ceremony

Through the power of the drum, journey to the cave of the Ancestors to connect with, and reclaim, your past lives

15:45 Cherub

Sonic Tonic Heart Meditation

Join Cherub, open your heart with self generated sound, & melt into magic in sonic ceremonial bliss

17:00 Kwali Kumara

Releasing the Elements

Unleash the power of the five elements into your life to invoke change with this transformational ceremony of kundalini yoga, meditation and deep gong relaxation.

Sunday 27 May

10:45 Nici

Siddha Kundalini Crystal Healing Ceremony

Experience the mystic of psychic telepathic crystalline blessings, while held within the auras of crystals, the prism of rainbows of light facilitate healing and clearing of your energetic fields.

12:00 Flavia Kate Peters

Fairy Healing Ceremony

Discover the healing power of the fairies, and align with the magic of nature

13:15 Vanya Silverten

Living Heaven Ceremony

Love is the human experience of heaven. This ceremony focuses on rebirthing and returning you to love so that you can live in the dimension of heaven on earth.

14:45 Kwali Kumara

Becoming like Angels

Kundalini yoga and Meditation ceremony for health and inner energy to inspire you to live from your angelic nature. The session will be crystallised with a healing gong relaxation.

16:00 Cherub

Sonic Tonic Heart Meditation

Join Cherub, open your heart with self generated sound, & melt into magic in sonic ceremonial bliss.

17:15 Layla kamlani

Mantra and Medicine Song Ceremony

Opening hearts and voices through song and silence. Join us on this meditative journey to a place of inner peace.

Monday 28 May

10:30 Kwali Kumara

Healing Hands

Increase the kindness and effectiveness of your healing touch with a kundalini yoga and meditation ceremony then relax into a delicious gong and sacred sound bath.

12:00 Shakti Sundari

Divine Union Ceremony

A journey to integrate your inner masculine and feminine, become your own Be-Loved and ignite the alchemy of Divine Union.

13:15 Davina Mackail

Shamanic Sacred Elements Ceremony

Shamanic power is relationship.  Join us to deeply meet the four primary relationships of life.  We will connect to these elemental forces through our breath and journeying with the drum.

14:30 Goddessence


Kwali and Pashet take you on a sound healing journey inspired by the elements and the chakras. A relaxing sensory ceremony to soothe mind, body and Soul.

15:45 Dirish Shaktidas

Shakti Ceremony

Shakti Ceremony experience that enhances coordination, increases dynamic flow of energy, awakens your creative spirit! With moving Meditations to reduces stress, developing inner peace & harmony.