Oasis of Sound

Oasis of Sound

Experience a meditational therapy like no other as you are taken on a journey that is a simple yet profound way to connect with the core of your being.

Tune your body at a cellular level through the gentleness of its resonance, using healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Voice, Shamanic drum, Sansula and Rainstick. Hosted by Anne Malone.

The exquisite healing sounds of these instruments and vocal tones, release stress and blockages as we place the Tibetan Bowl on your body, gently ‘retuning’ and balancing you with healing voice. Drift into the magical world of nature as you are showered with the sounds of the Rainstick, Shamanic drum and wind instruments ... leaving you feeling renewed and tingling with vibrant energy.

The only side effect is happiness and harmony!!

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What people say …

“Anne’s Sound Bath is the perfect counterpoint to the stresses and hassle of living in a major city. The music is sublime, played on an assortment of instruments that include rain sticks, gongs, drums and Anne’s stunning voice transports the room to a haven of tranquility”. - Michael Reece

“Anne is an extraordinary sound explorer and healer. Her musical journeys are incredible soundscapes for the yoga of life” - Shiva Rea