Wellbeing Studio

Wellbeing Studio

Also included among this year’s FREE special features is the Wellbeing Studio. Classes and taster sessions hosted by some of the UK’s best loved Yoga, Dance and Wellbeing teachers.

Friday 24 May

10:45 Faisal Abdalla

Faisal's Signature Full Body Madness

A 45-minute super high energy HIIT session with Mr PMA. Sweat head to toe and smile ear to ear!

11:45 Dawn Barnes

How to Let Your Children's Spiritual Wings Grow

Learn mindful ways how children can use their innate spiritual skills to follow their passions and purpose in life.

12:45 Alice Billerey

Mindful Flow

A breath lead practice that will encourage you to explore intuitive movement, whilst paying attention to the sensations in body.

13:45 Amy Rushworth

Cultivating Confidence: ditch your stress & self-doubt

Want to radically transform your confidence? Uncover the beliefs and behaviours sabotaging your confidence and learn to trust yourself again.

14:45 Sofia Barnes

Elemental Dance and Cacao Ceremony

Honouring life together through ritual, ceremony and freedom of movement, will give space for the soul to converse with it's surroundings, whilst bringing you home to your own inner rhythm.

15:45 Mayur Shah

Tao Chang Healing Meditation

The Tao Chang (Tao Source Oneness Field) is created through Tao Calligraphy. It is beyond powerful and effective for blessing health, relationships, finances, intelligence, spiritual journey, and for any aspect of life.

16:45 Joe Hoare

Laughter Yoga and Mindful Movement

Use all your senses for a calmer, more resilient, more joyful life. Smile while you co-ordinate body, breath, mind, spirit.

17:45 Siri Siri Sadhana Kaur

Mantra Dance Medicine for the Soul

Invite your body to dance and chant within a vibrant sequence of mantra medicine. This movement routine uses the music of Siri Sadhana Kaur, whose passionate voice gets your cells humming.

Saturday 25 May

10:45 The Zen Sisters


A blissful journey through yoga, movement and sound to ignite the love warrior inside of you.

11:45 Jeff Levin

Healthy Home, Healthy Life - Understanding the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Using Life Alignment Technology, Jeff offers solutions to help enhance, strengthen, harmonise and protect our Auric fields from the invasive energies of mobiles, WiFi, Smart Meters and towers.

12:45 Karen Mills-Alston

Visioning For a Life Worth Living

Learn to catch the eternal broadcast that is always wanting to express itself through you to purposefully and actively live the life you came to live. Karen is a master of Michael Bernard Beckwith's teachings and his Life Visioning process.

13:45 Semra Haksever

Spell Making Workshop

Join Semra, eclectic witch and creator of Mama Moon Candles and author of Everyday Magic for magical spell making and manifesting making workshop.

14:45 Vex King

Path, Pace, Power and Purpose

The importance of following your own path and living at your pace, to discover your power and purpose.

15:45 Melissa BellyDance

Beginners Belly Dance with Melissa BellyDance

A fun and invigorating belly dance class with Melissa BellyDance! Let's shake shimmy and roll! All levels welcome.

16:45 Antarma

Antarma Shares Meditation Celebration

Feel uplifted. Dissolve all stresses. Join Antarma in universal peace Mantra, heart opening songs, ecstatic dance and African Brazilian rhythms.

17:45 Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Find out what hypnotherapy really is. Discuss the various therapy components of hypnotherapy and explore what hypnotherapy can help with.

Sunday 26 May

10:45 Denisa Nenova

Ancient Ways For Modern Times

Join Denisa for a deep yoga practice to nurture your heart and awaken your spirit. Discover how to apply yoga’s ancient wisdom in modern times and how to use yogic tools to help you deal with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and much more. 

11:45 Uz Afzal

Mindfulness for Children

What is mindfulness? How can you practice it with children? Explore these questions and experience some fun and beneficial practices to help your family incorporate mindfulness into your daily lives.

12:45 Fab Giovanetti

The Six Secret Weapons to Make a Bigger Impact in the Online World

Learn how to use online tools like Instagram to spread your message with the world.

13:45 Kamran Bedi

Dealing with Daily Mental Health Challenges: anxiety, stress, depression & how to cope.

Discover the power of your mind for overcoming daily worries, stress, anxiety and more. Mental Health Matters.

14:45 Malwina Stach

Intuitive Chakra Dance

A guided, inner journey through movement and visualisation, connected with Chakras elemental nature, dynamics and qualities which they represent.

15:45 Cate Mackenzie

The Art of Communicating Love

Come and learn how to listen and be heard with deep presence.

16:45 Sandra Barnes

The Goddess Within

Connect to the gifts of the feminine, through juicy, nourishing movement, positive affirmations, guided meditations & beautiful visualisation's on an empowering journey honouring the chakras.

17:45 Georgia Coleridge

Chakras: seven easy ways to transform your life

Seven easy ways to transform your life, with the healing power of colour and energy. A fun, accessible workshop with bestselling author and energy healer Georgia Coleridge.

Monday 27 May

10:45 Julian Hitch

Wing Tsun Kung Fu: a Chinese Martial Art

A dynamic blend of mindfulness in motion combined with best of sublime speed.

11:45 Richard Lawrence

Healing for Yourself and Others

During this workshop, international bestselling author and presenter, Richard Lawrence will guide you through tried and tested techniques of channelling spiritual energy to help heal yourself and others.

12:45 Kula Roots

Moving the Elements

A ceremonial journey through the elements using meditation, yoga, dance and sound healing. From earth to water, air and rire, we will activate our body's dormant energy and arrive to a revitalised awakening.

13:45 Katie Brindle

Yang sheng: the art of Chinese self-healing

The first book for the western market on the ancient Chinese medicine that is Yang sheng (meaning "nourished life").

14:45 Paddy Brosnan

Beyond Mindfulness

Discover how you're life changes when you bring the simple but profound practice mindfulness to the things you do everyday

15:45 Isik Tlabar

Empowerment Through Movement

A movement workshop of coming back into your body, releasing any density, frustration, anger, sadness, visualising what you would love to have in your life and dancing it into your reality.

16:30 Anya

Tesla Metamorphosis

Tesla Waves, unique for Tesla Metamorphosis, heal, elevate consciousness, and enable all students to create communication beyond words. First time in London!