Wellbeing Spa

All NEW FEATURE.The London Wellbeing Festival have teamed up with the top therapists in the UK to offer festival goers the perfect oasis of tranquility inside the festival hall. Find sanctuary, relax and unwind in our dedicated Spa Area. Put your wellbeing in the hands of the our top therapists.




Craniosacral therapy is a non invasive treatment performed upon the head, neck, spine and lower back (sacral region) - by localised pressure points and gentle pressure manipulations to these areas this therapy works to unlock tension not only with the muscles physically but also emotionally and mentally. A 30 minute treatment can focus on a selected issue or problem, a full hour session can realign deeper seated problems or more complex issues


Reflexology is performed clothed, by applying gentle pressure to areas of the feet, hands or ears (according to your preference) to stimulate all of the body systems. It is a relaxing and effective treatment for stress, physical ailments, on-going problems and general energy rebalancing. A 30 minute taster session will work upon 1 or two specific issues, a full hour long treatment will rebalance all of the body systems for the best overall effect.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils chosen specifically during your consultation to create changes in our bodies and energy fields. It can be performed as a back massage or via the blending of oils, creams, lotions or products to be used after the treatment at home. A 30 minute session can be a consultation and blending session including the making of a product specific to your needs or a 15/20 minute back massage. A full hour long session can include a blending consultation and a full reflexology or back massage treatment using the blended product.


A stimulating and relaxing massage treatment to relieve knots and tension throughout the body with gentle and consistent massage strokes. A 30 minute treatment will be performed either on the back or legs as required by the client. A full body massage can be performed in an hour long session.


Hot stones massage uses smooth heated granite stones to release deep muscle tension but without using deep pressure techniques. The localised heat is both soothing and relaxing. A 30 minute session will focus on one area of tension (generally upper or lower back, quads or backs of legs), an hour long treatment will cover the full back and backs of legs)


Sports massage is used to help fix over tight or problem muscle groups. It works to realign muscle memory and correct postural problems. A half hour session will work on one target problem area, an hour long session will include a full postural alignment and massage session.


  • How do I book?

    That one is simple!

    • a) Follow the buy now link

    • b) Select your time slot

    • c) Click Buy Now

    • d) Fill in your information

    • e) Select your treatment from the drop down list

    • f) Confirm your payment

    • g) Arrive 10-15minutes before your treatment on the day to fill in your health questionnaire

  • How do I book a one hour slot?

    That one is even simpler! Just book two back to back 30minute treatments.

  • Do I need to buy a festival entry ticket?

    Yes. As the treatments are part of the festival you will need to buy a festival entry ticket to attend.

  • Are there showers?

    Sadly not.

  • What should I wear?

    If you are booking a facial, Thai massage or reflexology treatment it is best to wear lose comfy clothes. If you are booking an aromatherapy or deep tissue massage, you will be given a robe and towels, as it is an oil on skin experience.

  • What should I bring?

    Just your lovely self!

  • Can I have a massage if:

    • I have a Skin condition: yes, but please inform your therapist.

    • I am pregnant: yes, but you need to be in your second or third trimester and can only book an aromatherapy massage, reflexology or a facial.

    • I have health issues: depending on what they are. Please email josh@mindbodyspirit.co.uk if you have any major concerns and we will check for you

  • Will there be Male and Female masseurs?

    Both. Please see the photos of the therapist to see who you are booking in with.

  • Will I be naked? If so where can I get changed?

    If you are required to get changed you will be able to do so in your private massage booth.

  • Can I book on the day?

    Drop in chair massages will be available on the day, however the table massages are recommended for pre book as we only have a limited amount and they will sell out.

  • If I book on the day can I pay by card?

    Yes. We accept all major credit cards.

  • What if I am late?

    If you are late then unfortunately you forfeit some of your treatment time. It is your lovely treat, so please be on time as we can not run over. This is for your enjoyment not ours.

  • Can I change my slot?

    Yes, if you are able to give us notice before the festival. Please call our office on 01494 435135 or email info@mindbodyspirit.co.uk to change your booking. This must be done at least one week before the festival.

  • Are the therapists qualified?

    Yes! At MBS Wellbeing Spa, all our therapist’s qualifications are carefully checked by our recruitment manager. Everyone has to be fully trained, insured and covered by the appropriate governing body. We have very high standards and only choose the best of the best.