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Sunday 26 May 18:00 - 19:30 - Workshop 2

Barbara & Flavia

Spell - Casting Magic!

Come join MBS' favourite witches Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Peters to learn how to cast spells and make magical charms for Love, Healing and Protection. Discover how to harness your personal power to magically forge together the mystical forces of nature, in conjunction with ancient wisdom. Includes candle magic and ritual altar work.

ABOUT Barbara & Flavia

High Priestesses Barbara and Flavia are authors of 7 oracle decks, including the No.1 bestselling 'Witches Wisdom'. They are teachers of natural and ancient magic who initiate others through the rites of passage of Wise-Craft. A formidable team, they work extensively around the world to awaken others to the magic of the Old Ways, and are key-note speakers at Witchfest International and regular presenters on the MBS & Pagan circuits. Television appearances include 'Celebrity Haunted Hotel' & 'This Morning'. They write for 'Spirit and Destiny', 'FAE Magazine' and 'Witchcraft & Wicca' and are considered the UKs favourite Wise Women.