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Sunday 26 May 13:00 - 13:45 - Workshop 1


Transform Your Life with Braco's Gaze - Session 1

Braco's gaze is indescribable. It is something you need to experience for yourself! He stands on a podium and silently gazes at groups of people filling them with a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. It's like embracing a childlike openness and creativity, and diving deeper into joy. For many, Braco's Gaze is the chance for a new beginning.

Youtube: Braco official channel

Official website: www.braco.me

Gazing policy for encounters with Braco:

Please note that the event with Braco is open for adults only (18 years+) and for pregnant women past their first trimester. The encounter with Braco is not a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. Braco's gazing encounters are not affiliated with any specific religion.


Named an Ambassador of Peace, Braco received the Peace Pole at a United Nations community event in New York, an accolade previously given to Dalai Lama. Since 1995, Braco travels across the world. More than 100 documentaries were filmed about him. Braco's international gazing events are visited by celebrities like Donna Karan, Naomi Campbell and Andie MacDowell. But they do not go to hear him talk. Instead, they go to experience the beauty of his silent gaze. It’s a budding of new wellness and possibilities, as you allow the burdens of the past to fall off like autumnal leaves.