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Friday 25 May 18:00 - 19:30

Cat Duval

Nine Lives Yoga Rave

Where music and yoga unite. Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass, and bass lovers experience the rhythm of the breath. Experience the healing of conscious dance, underground house and funky tunes, and super connecting social yoga practice with humandala practice in circles, cut lose into a party and warm down with partner yoga flows into deep meditation to close. And leave the festival feeling inspired, connected with your tribe and full of Prana!

Enjoy a special London Wellbeing Festival offer! For festival goers Cat is offering this workshop at only £15.00 instead of the usual £30.00

ABOUT Cat Duval

I am a Senior Yoga Teacher and love to bring connection from the heart in inspiring ways through the power of yoga.  Having training in Acroyga, Partner Yoga with Unity, Rainbow Kids Yoga and Sun Moon I enjoy deepening the connection between people in fun, engaging and creative ways. My baby is Nine Lives Yoga, we offer unique Yoga Raves experiences for friends, transformative yoga team building events for companies, intimacy work with couples and looking to bond more deeply together and inspire a more connected culture.