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Friday 25 May 13:15 - 15:15

David Manning

Fields of Engagement, Fields of Enlightenment

In this workshop we will utilise powerful meditation and energy work to identify and disengage from energy fields that are disempowering and draining. We will also co-create fields that nurture support and uplift us, strengthening and speeding our evolution. Expect to be changed by this event and it's simple methods.

ABOUT David Manning

David is a storyteller, sound healer and mystic. His energy work curs through limitations, outmoded patterns and beliefs. He perceives the structure of stories in individual and collective fields, and gives voice to them. The sounds he produces touch deep into those structures by-passing the intellect, creating rapid dissolution. David is a very special energetic technician with a unique skill set and a capacity to transmit large volumes of grace into bodies, patterns, groups and situations.