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Saturday 25 May 15:00 - 16:30 - Workshop 3

Harriet Waley-Cohen

How to Love Your Body No Matter What

Body shame is very common, whether it's about how you look, illnesses, injuries or disabilities, plus the wider impact on life is huge. Come and learn how to forgive yourself for how you feel, and discover practical ways to create a newly nurturing, appreciative and powerful relationship with your body.

ABOUT Harriet Waley-Cohen

Harriet Waley-Cohen is an international speaker and coach. Her mission is to ensure that all women feel truly fabulous about themselves, including their bodies. Harriet has a deeply compassionate relationship with herself; in addiction recovery since 2002, she lives with injuries and pain after a car crash in 2016, survived breast cancer in 2018, and has experienced the changes motherhood brings. Harriet shows women how to be in complete partnership with themselves. Overwhelm, destructive/disempowering habits, self-sabotage and low confidence are replaced with self-esteem, emotional and physical health, happiness, fulfilment, balance and success. Qualifications: B.Sc. in Psychology, UCL. Health coach (IIN, New York). Women's leadership coach (One of Many).