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Sunday 27 May 15:45 - 17:45 - Workshop 3

Helen Sanderson

The Secret Psychology of Clutter

Discover how creating a calm and clutter-free space makes way for a conscious, healthier environment, giving room for new ideas, transformation and change. I'll help you explore how aspects your home can be a mirror of your psyche. I'll also explain why planning and organising are good for the soul, as well as offering tips about creating a nurturing and supportive home.

ABOUT Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson is founder of Ministry of Calm, an interior designer, personal organiser, author and public speaker. With a background in psychotherapy, yoga and Zen she's an expert in the psychology of space and the design of quiet rooms and wellbeing areas. She supports people to clear their clutter, be more organised, and free up time and energy to focus on what really matters. With her training in psychotherapy, Helen is an expert at dealing with clients' individual mindsets and situations, not just their clutter. Helen's Home Declutter Kit reveals the secrets of a simple process that helps transform your home and clear clutter from your life and fast.