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Friday 24 May 11:00 - 12:00 - Workshop 3

Jayney Goddard

Rewind Your Body Clock: Jayney Goddard's Top Natural Tips to get Happier, Healthier and Younger Now!

In this fascinating session, you'll learn Jayney's top natural health tips that really work to rewind your body clock to get (biologically) younger, healthier, happier, brainier, sexier, stress resilient, and more. Jayney's recommendations are fun, effective and fully rooted in robust science, so you can be sure that they're totally safe.

ABOUT Jayney Goddard

Jayney Goddard is one of the world's leading experts in the natural anti-ageing and complementary medical fields. A hugely popular author, she has written several books, including the ground-breaking bestseller "Rewind Your Body Clock: The Complete Natural Guide to a Happier Healthier Younger You". She writes the Natural Anti-ageing column for Natural Health magazine. She is President of The Complementary Medical Association and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Respected world-wide as a keynote Speaker and Lecturer, everything Jayney recommends, although natural, is based in solid scientific research - so that you know that everything is safe and really works.