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Friday 25 May 18:00 - 19:45 - WS2

Jessica Huie

Finding the Courage to Become Who You Are

If you’re ready to step into the greatest version of yourself and call out the things that are holding you back, join Jessica for this soul searching talk and embark on a wondrous journey of self-discovery. You can blow the roof off the possibilities for your life! You will learn:
• Why our most pressing calling is to become who we are
• How to differentiate between who you are and your external identity
• Why courage and faith are key to success and serenity
• Why we can all create a legacy for our lives
• And gain invaluable insight into why disadvantage can be our greatest asset

ABOUT Jessica Huie

Jessica Huie went from being a teenage mother, expelled from school and living in a hostel, to having a glittering career in Public Relations, working with some of the world's biggest stars and business people, including Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell and Meghan Markle. When she set up her first business, it earned her invitations to round tables with the UK Prime Minister and an MBE award for services to entrepreneurship – all by the age of 34. 
On the outside Jessica’s life was a fairytale of triumph, but she spent years struggling with an internal view of herself which left her plagued by depression. In 2016 a miracle shifted her lifelong belief system into an unequivocal knowing that our body and identity is merely casing to the truth of who we are - and her life and outlook changed forever.