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Friday 24 May 17:00 - 19:00 - Workshop 2

John Vincent and Julian Hitch

Spirituality in Business

There is a growing awareness that to be successful in business, a deeper outlook is required. This experiential workshop will set you up for sustainable and rewarding success. You will learn profound skills and insights based on the Daoist and Zen wisdom, as used in Leon Restaurants.

ABOUT John Vincent and Julian Hitch

John Vincent is the CEO and co-Founder of Leon Restaurants. Passionate about creating positive change, he spent 7 years at Bain & Company, before the idea for a fast food revolution was born. He is also the co-author of 'School Food Plan'. Julian Hitch is a master of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. He’s set World Records and advises senior management using the wisdom of Wing Tsun. As Director of Well-Being for Leon he implemented a comprehensive well-being strategy. Their book 'Winning not Fighting' (Penguin: November 2019) is on Wing Tsun principles for success in business and life.