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Friday 25 May 10:45 - 12:45 - WS3

Lidija Markovic

Gaining While Losing - The Gentle Art Of Transformation

If lethargy, heaviness, hustling hard are what you are currently living with, chances are you feel depleted and disillusioned. Want a map that will take you to the Source where hustling gently is the name of the game?! Then join me and start living and manifesting with ease.

ABOUT Lidija Markovic

Lidija M Rosati - Corporate hippy and a curious nomad, she left the corporate world to pursue her many passions. Born in Eastern Europe, lives in Western Europe and works across the globe. Bestselling author of Gaining While Losing “ The Gentle Art of Transformation. The world is her playground and her mission is to leave a legacy of authentic wealthy empowered women worldwide. Lidija@lidijamrosati.com