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Friday 24 May 12:30 - 13:30 - Workshop3

Lucy Chappell

Tea: A journey through spirituality, health and sustainability

Learn how tea has influenced so many cultures, how it's used to enhance meditation and how we can each make small changes to create a sustainable future for the most consumed beverage in the world. We will look at whether the various tea health claims are true or false, experience a respect ritual and of course, taste some great teas.

ABOUT Lucy Chappell

Lucy's passion for tea came quite late. She started out studying wine, where she discovered that a single plant can be so many things. On moving to London she landed a job with one of the top tea companies. Soon she learned that tea is not just 'tea'. Lucy was hooked. She needed to learn more, but there were no tea schools or courses in the UK, so she sold her house, moved to India and studied a post grad diploma to become a certified plantation manager and tea specialist. On her return, she started 'The London School of Tea'. The rest is history.