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Saturday 25 May 17:00 - 18:30 - Workshop 3

Maria Kellis

As Easy as Letting Go: 7 chakra clearing

Come to this workshop to clear the clutter and make more room in all areas of your life! You will discover what needs clearing for YOU, and the energetics and techniques to effectively let it go! Experience for yourself the magic of how clearing delivers miracles into your life.

ABOUT Maria Kellis

Maria Kellis is a miracle catalyst. She is a highly gifted energy worker, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and teacher with an inspirational story of going through a miraculous life transformation. Even though Maria comes from a world of science and engineering (she holds 3 MIT degrees), she now teaches the Miracle Manifesting Method and how to create a miraculous life of wellness, freedom, independence, and abundance. Learn how to create miracles in your life so you can effortlessly attain your desires and perform at the highest levels. Maria currently lives in 5 countries and works online and around the world.