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Friday 24 May 12:30 - 14:00 - Workshop 2

Mira Kelly & Nathan Ross

Manifest Miracles

Do you have a burning hearts desire? Do you feel blocked in reaching your dream?

This class will give you the training and the tools to become a miracle worker. Mira & Nathan will teach you the steps to properly manifest anything you choose. They will introduce you to the powerful technique of EFT tapping and how to use it when manifesting your best life yet.

When manifesting a goal, it is critical to continuously release your resistance to achieving that intention. Uncover the core of what blocks you by studying your beliefs and emotions and clear them.

The fear that you are unworthy to have your dream is a block we will quickly clear during our class. You will walk away with a deep feeling of self-worth and an expanded ability to receive all the miracles that are on their way to you.

Mira & Nathan will also teach you about the importance of trust, faith and certainty when manifesting and how to generate that energy. Through a deeply empowering and transformational meditation, they will guide you to embody your dream, step into your future and live as if desired manifestation has already occurred.

Become the intentional creator of your destiny. Join them for this life-changing event.

ABOUT Mira Kelly & Nathan Ross

Mira Kelley is a world-renowned expert on past life regression and the best-selling author of Beyond Past Lives. She facilitates workshops, retreats, individual consultations and speaks around the world, promoting the healing and enlightening benefits of past life regression. Stories from Mira’s sessions are included in Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Miracles Happen by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.; they have also been featured on Oprah.com. Learn more about Mira and how you can work with her here. Download your free meditation gift at www.mirakelley.com/gift