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Sunday 27 May 10:30 - 13:30 - WS1

Paul McKenna

Transform Your Life

Success and happiness are not accidents that just randomly happen to some people and not to others. They are created by certain ways of thinking and acting in the world. In a rare opportunity to attend a workshop with Paul McKenna at this amazing event, you can change your life for the better!

Your life may already be fine, but what would it be like if it was even better? How can it be possible to transform your life in a day? It’s very straightforward when you know how. Some people change their lives in seconds - they decide I am not going to do that any more or they they suddenly get the insight into how to make the changes they want and get the motivation to do it.

Would you like to have more confidence? Would you like to change your life with the power of a positive perspective? Would you like to be more successful? Would you like to have more energy and feel happier every day? Would you like to start living the life of your dreams?

Then, let Paul McKenna help you!

ABOUT Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna PhD is one of the world’s leading experts in personal development. He has sold over 10 million books in the last decade, appeared on television all over the world, watched by hundreds of millions of people and now he is dedicated to doing a small number of live events 

each year that can have an amazing impact on the lives of the people who attend. 


He has distilled the core strategies and techniques of the super achievers into an amazing life make-over that can noticeably improve your life. Paul McKenna will not only explain his system, but demonstrate it in a highly interactive, fun atmosphere, with volunteers from the audience. 

He has spent decades developing this ground-breaking system to help you achieve more of your true potential. So, if you are ready to master your emotions, run your own mind, become focused upon success and become the person you truly want to be, 

then, this transformational event is for you!