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Friday 25 May 13:15 - 15:15 - ws3

Peter Abrams

Our Story Called Life: Re-writing the stories inside our heads.

We all have a voice that talks to us every 30 seconds. That voice creates a story which creates the life we live... in this workshop we'll be talking to that voice and changing it if it's not serving us... don't worry, we're all mad here!

ABOUT Peter Abrams

Peter Abrams; a best-selling author, award-winning comedian, actor, presenter and business entrepreneur... did we mention he's 19? With enough energy to fill the Olympia alone, this up-and-coming star is running his first workshop this year; focusing on change and 're-writing the stories in our heads' as Peter believes "you have all the answers you need", just sometimes we need motivation to listen to ourselves. Peter's humour, charisma and authentic style is sure to be one of the most unique and crazy events at this years show.