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Friday 24 May 13:00 - 15:00 - Workshop 1

Rhiannon Lambert & Alice Liveing

Fuelling Fitness with Rhiannon Lambert and Alice Liveing

Alice will lead a mobility workout, focusing on increasing the range of motion before a short, sharp blast of bodyweight training to get participants sweating! Rhiannon will then take the guests through an open conversation surrounding general wellbeing, and dispel those pesky nutrition myths. This workshop will close with an interactive discussion and Q&A.

ABOUT Rhiannon Lambert & Alice Liveing

Rhiannon Lambert is a nutritionist and founder of the Rhitrition clinic in Harley Street, author of 'Re-Nourish' and podcast host for 'Food for Thought'. Alice Liveing is a renowned personal trainer, three-times author and founder of the 'Liveing Well' events series.