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Saturday 25 May 16:30 - 18:30 - Workshop 1

Shaman Durek

Title: Shamanic Wordsmithing for Manifesting and Creative Intelligence

Words have codes that unlock energies in both your consciousness and universal field of technology. Understand the difference between creating and destroying as they pertain to being a quantum creator. Learn to activate your “lit” mentality; which means “light intelligence”. Become a wordsmith and learn the meanings of “windows, doors, and ladders” for quantum expansion. Class start off with a Shamanic clearing of unwanted energies that are getting in your way of accelerated progress.

ABOUT Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek is an evolutionary innovator, spirit hacker, women's empowerment leader and a visionary for the New Age. Durek has devoted decades to study and practice in becoming a thought leader and spiritual enthusiast for people all over the world. Today Durek teaches and conducts private sessions with a diverse clientele all over the world—from the Princess of Norway to iconic health leaders.