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Friday 25 May 10:45 - 12:45 - ws2

Tim van der Vliet

Unleash Your Inner Power, the famous Wim Hof (Iceman) Method

The benefits of the Wim Hof Method are beyond any other approach available today, instantly increasing energy, improving focus, lowering stress level, overhauling your immune system and influencing your hormonal system Creating radiant long term health .

ABOUT Tim van der Vliet

Tim is a Hay House author that has been trained personally by the world famous Wim Hoff (aka 'The Iceman') whose techniques for mastering the mind-body connection are being studied by scientific institutions around the world! In this experiential and fun day Tim will be sharing the knowledge and techniques which have allowed Wim Hof to master his body and break over 20 world records! We may not want to become a record breaker ourselves but Wim's techniques can be equally applied for us to revolutionise our wellbeing and our experience of life mind and body!