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Saturday 26 May 15:15 - 17:15 - ws3

Tiu de Haan

Engineering Serendipity: Ways into Wonder

Would you like to experience more wonder in your life? This workshop will teach you how to engineer serendipity so that you can create the optimum conditions for wonder to appear. Come and learn some playful, simple, soulful techniques including ritual design and creative quests to summon synchronicity at will.

ABOUT Tiu de Haan

Tiu de Haan creates moments of meaning and magic, designing experiences that connect us to our creativity, to each other, to ourselves and to the possibility of wonder. She is an Oxford educated ritual designer, creative facilitator, voiceover artist and singer, working with people of all values and beliefs to help them to celebrate the transitions of love, life and death. As a creative facilitator, she reminds individuals and organisations how to play, get creative and shift their perspective so that they see the world afresh, as well as working with organisations to bring ritual design into culture change.