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Saturday 26 May 18:15 - 19:45 - ws1

Tom Morley


This workshop goes beyond personal development. It assumes you’ve healed yourself and now you want to heal our ravaged world.

We’ll walk the talk. You'll learn to drum and sing in harmony. The songs created will be filmed and used on social media to promote justice, love and connection.

ABOUT Tom Morley

Tom Morley is a spiritual activist. He creates on the spot bands, choirs and drum troupes to promote good causes from Peace to Equality to Climate Justice. Scritti Politti is his claim to fame. Tom was the original drummer and founder member back in the late 70s. Following a standard music biz breakdown in the 90s Tom got out of the game for a decade, only returning to music when his wife gave him 100 African drums as a 50th birthday present. He has since toured the world energising companies, and communities with his Teambuilding Facilitation and Keynote Speaking work.