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Friday 25 May 10:45 - 12:45 - ws2

Will Foster

Becoming You; Why authenticity holds the secret to happiness & success

Will reveals why being real and authentic is vital to our happiness. Then, step by step, guides us through 7 really practical steps to help you let go of what society thinks you "should" be doing and, instead, move courageously towards what YOU want instead!

ABOUT Will Foster

Will is ITV Lorraine's Life Coach who's philosophy rests on his 'good enough' approach to life. Having Personal Trained and Coached over 12,000 1 on 1 sessions in the last 12 years, Will has worked on helping clients understand who they are and what they want from their life. Having spoken all over Europe on the benefits of mindfulness and Wellbeing, Will has developed a deep and rich experience for helping teach people how to unearth their deepest values, act upon them, achieve more contentment for the moment and more excitement for the future.