Acro Yoga

Introduction to AcroYoga

Co-Founder of AcroYogaDance, Pip Elysium, invites you to experience this practice of connection, communication and beauty. In this taster session you'll flow in pairs (no partner required) and will be shown a variety of Level 1 techniques which will enable you to experience the AcroYogaDance method. You'll have fun, be challenged and do things you didn't think you were capable of!

About Acro Yoga

Pip Elyisum is quickly becoming one of yoga’s foremost AcroYoga teachers. She’s been featured in Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine, The Telegraph, The Metro, London Evening Standard, Shape and is one of London's top teachers for Wanderlust Festival. An internationally recognised AcroYoga teacher, trainer & performer. On a day to day basis when not travelling abroad for Trainings & Retreats, Pip is a Yoga Teacher, Dancer & Facilitator for UK's first AcroYoga Studio & Events ""Mesmerising"" - London Evening Standard Pip Continues to share her passion through AcroYoga and is dedicated to inspire with Tom Bem creating beautiful sequences whilst helping students achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability by practicing AcroYoga.