Adam Hocke

Strong and Mindful Flow Yoga

Is a sweaty and strong practice still mindful? Learn how to incorporate personal intentions, embodied mindfulness, and nervous system down-regulation into strong vinyasa flow. Improve the intention and efficiency of rhythmic breathing and the pacing of sun-salutations and transitional movements. Expand your yoga toolkit to include restorative yoga and myofascial release. All levels welcome.

About Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke teaches precise, strong, and practical yoga classes to students in London, blending contemporary understandings of movement and mindfulness with the traditions of yoga. His popular video and audio classes stream online to yogis in over 150 countries. Adam’s writing has been featured in numerous publications including The Guardian, Huffington Post and Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine. He leads teacher trainings, workshops, and immersions throughout the UK and Europe. Adam has trained with his teacher Jason Crandell since 2010. More at