Aisha Carrington & Kelly Pretty

How to let go and be chilled AF

Be chilled AF is a luxurious, fresh approach to spirituality, selfcare, healing and abundance by two very different soul sisters. Aisha and Kelly help you let go of anything holding you back from creating a life aligned to your soul, with guided meditation, releasing ritual and mini dance party, inspiring you to trust in the divine timing of your life.

About Aisha Carrington & Kelly Pretty

Be Chilled AF is a fresh approach to spirituality, self care, healing and abundance by two very different soul sisters. 

Aisha Carrington is a meditation teacher and intuitive self love guide. She is the founder of The Get Lit Retreat and has been featured in Forbes. 

Kelly Pretty is a spiritual leader, speaker and best selling author. She has spoken at some of the largest personal development events in the world. 

If you want to experience something a bit different then make sure not to miss these two in action!