Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters

Self-Empowerment - Reclaiming Your Life Purpose

Do people take advantage of your beautiful sensitivity? Do you wish to be more assertive and to take back control in your life? Join Barbara and Flavia in this potentially life-changing workshop to reclaim your inner wisdom, focus on goals, create opportunities, step up your personal power and define your boundaries in order to step forward fearlessly into your destiny. Worksop Includes: 

*Fear & Phobia Removal; Release anxieties and doubts take part in a powerful arrow breaking ritual 

* Egyptian Oil Ceremony; Awaken your soul and senses in this sacred ancient ceremony of the Pharaohs 

* Trans Drumming; Journey with the power of the drum to your sacred inner space for transformation and positive change

About Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Barbara and Flavia are authors of ten oracle decks, including the No.1 bestselling Witches Wisdom, and have ten books between them. Both High Priestesses are teachers of natural and ancient magic and earth-based traditions, and work extensively together around the world to awaken and empower others, through workshops, rituals, ceremonies and sacred tours. 

They are key-note  speakers on the MBS & pagan circuits and television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel & This Morning. They regularly write for Spirit and Destiny, FAE Magazine and Witchcraft & Wicca and are considered as the UKs favourite and revered Wise Women.