Accelerate Your Ascension with the Archeiai

For eons, angels have been depicted as masculine beings, but times are evolving! Explore who the female archangels are (known as Archeiai) and discover evolutionary ways to heal and empower your life as you create Heaven on Earth.


We'll be joined by three of the most on-purpose Archeiai for our ascended times -

Archeia Faith (twin of Archangel Michael)

Archeia Virtue (twin of Archangel Raphael) and

Archeia Purity (twin of Archangel Zadkiel)


Join Calista to meet these angels, ask them questions and together journey into inner soul landscapes to bring a return of deep pleasure, joy and freedom into your life.


Please bring a crystal to anchor the high-vibe frequencies we'll be attuning to and something to drink.


The workshop follows a book signing of my new book, The Female Archangels - Evolutionary Teachings to Heal and Empower Your Life. This is the first ever book to solely explore who the female angels are, why they are here at this time and extensive ways to connect with, and partner their Light.

About Calista

Calista is an award-winning author, pioneer of practical ascension and a magical leader who truly walks her talk. Through creating the Angel Healing® modality, Calista has attuned thousands of souls worldwide to the angelic realms and believes by healing and empowering our lives we help all of Creation to thrive.

Award-winning author of Unicorn Rising (Hay House) and author of the new release, The Female Archangels (That Guy's House).