Nicky Clinch

The Sacred Journey From Head to Heart

A powerful journey of breaking free from the programming, fear and stories of the mind to come home to our heart and truth. Connecting to the space of the heart and authenticity, known in eastern philosophies as our "House of Shen" our Home of Truth - to live from this place allows us to begin the powerful process of aligning our lives with who we authentically are.

About Nicky Clinch

Nicky Clinch is a transformational coach, integrative counsellor & spiritual mentor, and has spent over 10 years professionally training and mastering her skills in helping people heal deeply from their past stories and traumas, completely redefining the possibilities of who they are and their lives. With the intention to embody their true authentic power, purpose and come home to who they were meant to be, shas helped thousands of people completely transform their lives, gaining the reputation as the leading transformational coach in the country. Her sole mission is to create as many authentic & aligned leaders in this world in order to have the most useful and powerful impact on our planet.